That pill won’t heal you

When you catch a cold or have a fever, where do you go to? To a doctor or a hospital? Why? Most people don\’t even question why I have this symptom. They just rush to a doctor or a hospital. And then, they take whatever medication is prescribed to them. They don\’t even bother to look at the contents of the medicine they are taking! There is this blind belief that, that pill will cure the illness. Sorry guys! That pill won\’t heal you. It will not cure your symptom. In fact, no medicine can cure any illness. All they do is, either increase the body\’s ability to tolerate the symptom or suppress the symptom altogether. Most Ayurveda medicines enhance the body\’s ability to tolerate the symptom and in some cases cure the symptom without any side effects while allopathic medicines mostly suppress the symptoms.

Why do I have this symptom?

Have you every questioned why you have a particular symptom? What is the reason for you have this symptom? It could be a simple cold, fever or a more complex symptom such as jaundice or typhoid. Still, did you question yourself? I am sure you didn\’t.

Every symptom has a cause to it. Ayurveda texts say that most symptoms have their root in the mind. Subtle thoughts and feelings manifest as symptoms. So, does that mean, if I stop that thought and feeling, my symptom will go away? Absolutely yes!

This is the way we treat people at Nadichikitsa. We investigate the root cause and find a cure that is already in you. Medicines are only suggested to enhance the body\’s ability to tolerate the symptom so that it becomes easier for you to work with yourself and cure yourself.

Her vertigo is gone…

A lady came to be few years ago from Jabalpur. She had been suffering from vertigo for over 6 years. Whenever she had the symptom, she would rush to a doctor or a hospital. She had tried all kinds of medicines and treatments. Her symptom persisted. When she came to me, she had reached the peak of her frustration. She had known by now that, that pill won\’t heal her.

After investigating and evaluating her condition with Nadi Pariksha, I came to the conclusion that she was holding onto some events and happenings in her memory that disturbed her and that was causing her problem.

How does memory work?

Let me explain to you a bit about how your body and memory are interlinked. Do you know where from you access your past? I am sure you will point to your head. Well, that\’s not correct. When you remember, you recollect your memories from your navel. Yes! from your belly button. That\’s where you pull up your memory. And then, it moves up into your head for processing. So, when you constantly recapitulate or uncover and indulge in unhappy, angry, frustrating, or any other memories, the energies move upward from your navel towards your head. This energy can be so strong that it can create physical conditions such as GERD (Gastric Oesophageal Reflux Disease), Hiatus hernia, Acid reflux, cervical spondylosis, asthma, breast cancers and chronic heart conditions.

Can you stop thinking? The answer is-NO. Then, how do we address this issue!


So, I asked this lady to do Parihani Chikitsa. This is a therapy we do to shock the conscious mind with a radical action so that you drop the thought you have been holding onto. This results in instant healing.

When this lady practiced Parihani Chikitsa, her vertigo simply vanished. She just dropped the habit. She took no medicines, did no other therapy. A simple step transformed her life. Cure in her condition was permanent.

Do you really want to be well?

This is the question you need to ask yourself. Am I ready to be well? Most people live in the convenience of popping a pill and convincing themselves that they are well. It\’s okay. It\’s your life anyways. What do I care. Why should I care? Why should anyone care about you? Do you care about your health? Haven\’t you come to the knowing that, that pill won\’t heal you?

We have so many hospitals for humans. The only reason is that we don\’t care about ourselves. We want someone else to cure our body. We want that pill to heal us. Have lost our common sense?

All animals live their entire lifespan without having to go to school and yet, they live better lives than us. They are wise. We go to school and to college only to shut our minds to the truth. We learn to lie to ourselves. At school we are taught to believe that, we are intelligent only if you worked and earned a lot of money and created something amazing. Just look at what we have done to ourselves? We are the only creatures who have countries, currencies, a passport and visa and we need money to survive. Isn\’t that complicated enough!

Learn from nature

Researchers are finally realising that animals also have intelligence. They use their intelligence to live in harmony with nature. They are beginning to study why whales are coming ashore and committing suicide. What is the message they are bringing to us? Are they warning us of the catastrophe we are brining upon ourselves and every other creature on this planet by destroying nature?

If you want to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, learn from nature. Nature guides us all the time. There are enough examples to learn from. And there are no side effects.

We had a dog. He was a huge Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We called him Swissy. Most humans don\’t have the common sense that he had. When he was not hungry, he wouldn\’t eat. Even if we served him meat and rice, which was his favourite, he would smell it and simply ignore it. That was the simple way he bounced back to good health. What do we do? We don\’t stop eating. Instead, we rush to the pharmaceutical store or rush to a doctor or a hospital and get a medicine that can suppress the symptoms of indigestion, varicose veins, fever and other symptoms so that we can continue to eat those three meals everyday. The side effects of such an approach to health can be terrible.

When you don\’t pay attention to the warning signs your body is showing you, your symptoms will get more acute and turn chronic. Symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis arthritis, Parkinson\’s disease, and most cancers are caused only because you tolerated the mental and emotional abuse and did nothing to stand up for yourself. Other symptoms such as blood pressure and diabetes occur because you chose to compromise your values and subject yourself to extreme mental and emotional stress.

Ayurveda leads the way

If you want to be healthy, Ayurveda is the way. You have walked a long way in the concrete jungle that you don\’t remember what it means to connect to nature. When you are lost, an investigation and evaluation of your physical, mental, emotional and psychological health through Nadi Pariksha – Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis can map your health and let you know what you need to do to help yourself heal. It is not difficult. All it takes is some common sense and you take responsibility for your health.

That pill won\’t heal you

When you are really ready to resume good physical health, you will choose the best way and not the easiest way. Don\’t rush to a doctor or a hospital. The easiest way does not always cure the symptom. There are then greater threats caused by the medicine you take. Steroids is one such example. The side effects are terrible. Remember, that pill won\’t heal. It will only manage your symptoms. Take a pill when it is unavoidable. But, take the next step to do something about your symptom. Don\’t stop with the pill. That pill won\’t heal.

Hence, it is important for you to decide how you want to treat every symptom that your body experiences. At Nadichikitsa, we follow Ayurveda, which teaches us to follow nature to cure your symptoms. It has worked well for us and for thousands of others over 17 years.

Are you ready to heal yourself? The time to act is now.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

Nice article doctor. Finding root cause of the problem and treating it is very important.
Influenced by many articles on ayurvedic/people like you, I visited ayurvedic clinic for my issues like asthma, but I was told to continue the allopathy medicines and continue consulting pulmonologist (though few ayurvedic syrup was also prescribed but it’s only for immunity purpose) .
Likewise for other issue, I was asked to meet respective doc in allopathy.
So this issues are not treatable by a vaidya??. I don’t want to take allopathy medicines ,so thought of changing from allopathy to ayurveda. But now ended up again with allopathy. Looking for your inputs. Thanks in advance doctor .

Reply to  Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy Ph.D
5 years ago

Thanks for the quick response doc. Yes would like to get assistance. Have mailed the team. Tq again.

Navneet Mathur
Navneet Mathur
5 years ago

I am from Ajmer and I want to consult with u for my health.
But I am confused is really through nadi u can diagnose everything physically as well as mentally if this is true I want to meet u near my city

Reply to  Navneet Mathur
5 years ago

Please come to Bangalore for a Diagnosis. Do not approach us with doubt.

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