Steps to cure Haemorrhoids or external piles

External Piles is an excruciatingly painful condition. People with external piles of haemorrhoids shudder with extremely intense pain and sometimes, the extreme pain can also cause a person to faint. What causes haemorrhoids? What is the treatment for haemorrhoids? How can you cure haemorrhoids? These are some of the questions for which you need answers.

What causes haemorrhoids?


According to Nadichikitsa, haemorrhoids or external piles is caused due to mental stress. The root emotion that causes this symptom is fear from procrastination and unable to get outcomes as per expectations. Fear not only affects the large intestines. Fear also creates several other symptoms such as low back pain, sciatica or radiating pains, hip pains, uterine fibroids and uterine cancers, prostate gland enlargement and prostatic cancers, and ankylosing spondylitis to name a few.

What is the treatment to cure Haemorrhoids?

At Nadichikitsa there are treatments available to cure haemorrhoids.

While there are several internal medicines available to cure haemorrhoids, it is best to consult a person who knows what medicines to suggest to you. Several factors go into suggesting a medicine such as your body type, the environment of your digestive and excretory systems and conditions that caused your haemorrhoids. Any person who can do a Nadi Pariksha or Pulse diagnosis will be able to tell you exactly what is happening in your body and what is the most suited medicine to cure haemorrhoids.

Jatyadi Tailam is an excellent medicine to apply on the external piles or haemorrhoids after you have visited the washroom to ease yourself.

A lady came to see me with haemorrhoids last week. She was in terrible pain and couldn\’t sit in one place because of her excruciating pain. She had to sit in an awkward position and that started off her hip pains. When the pain became unbearable, she would faint. After doing her Nadi Pariksha, I suggested Jatyadi Tailam for external application. She visited me again and mentioned to me that in 2 days her pain had subsided by 80%. That is how well this medicine works. With a few other treatments suggested to her, she will be cured of haemorrhoids.

Other treatments to cure haemorrhoids?

To cure haemorrhoids just taking medicines and applying medicines externally isn\’t enough. There is an emotional and psychological cause behind every physical symptom. So, we have to work towards resolving the psychological and emotional baggage you have been holding onto that has caused this physical symptom. These involve releasing past thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and perceptions that create fear and anxiety in you. Removing them will cure haemorrhoids permanently.

A lady came to me several years ago. She had external piles. Before she started her medication she began working on her fear. She had to undertake a 15 day practice called Bandha Parichheda which is a practice to remove all attachments to your past. It is one of the most powerful practices. With just 8 days of this practice, she could cure haemorrhoids. Her external piles symptoms vanished. It has been over 5 years today and her symptoms haven\’t returned.

What is the solution to your problem?

Nadichikitsa has a solution for you. Your body is different from everybody else\’s body. The experiences that your mind and body went through are different and the way your symptoms have manifested are also different. Hence, medication and treatments also will be different for your body. Only a Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis can reveal the physical, emotional and psychological causes that create your symptom so that the appropriate treatments can be suggested to cure your symptoms.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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