Chant Medhaa Sooktam to enhance your brain power

The human brain has an infinite capacity to store information. Trouble arises when you are unable to recall or retrieve information instantaneously. The Vedas are a powerful resource to enhance our brain power and our ability to think and process information. We bring to you Medhaa Sooktam.

Medhaa Sooktam is a set of mantras contained in the Vedas addressed to Goddess SaraswatiMedhaa Sooktam is quite popular as a hymn. It is a prayer seeking intelligence and capability to learn.

What causes our Medhaa to get distorted?

When we were young adults in the 1990\’s, we remembered more than a 100 telephone numbers. As the mobile phone made inroads into your lives, we let go of this ability and we became slaves to technology so much that we can\’t ever remember 5 numbers. We stopped using our brain. Rather, we resorted to misusing our brain. It is important for us to realise that we must stop misusing our brain for what can become a dangerous addiction that can damage, not only our brain… It will also damage our nerves, destroy our ability to reason, analyse. Unnecessary addictions can destroy our efficiency and productivity at work.

As a student or a businessman, you need to recall what you retain in your memory. Your Medhaa shakti (power of remembrance) enables you to recall any information at will, whenever required. When you chant Medhaa Sooktam daily, your brain power increases manifold. You can then grasp instantaneously. What will be more phenomenal is that you can recall from your memory every after several years. When mothers chant Medhaa Sooktam daily while nursing their children, the baby’s brain power gets nourished immensely!

How can Medhaa Sooktam help your child?

If mere listening by an infant can energise its brain power with so much potency, imagine what would happen if the child were to chant Medhaa Sooktam everyday with regularity!  Such a child will be a creative genius. Such a child will have extreme clarity of mind and will become an astute and wise decision maker even at a very young age. What more do you want for your children? 

If you want your children to develop brain power, Chant Medhaa Sooktam daily as they drift off to sleep. They can learn to chant when they are receptive and have the ability to repeat.

Vedacharya Maunish Vyas says; a combination of Shraddha Sooktam and Medhaa Sooktam are suggested so that the child can develop self confidence and amazing memory with a sharp mind.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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