6 steps to develop Self confidence now

Everyone wants to have great confidence. However, few know the actual meaning of being confident and how to believe in oneself. When you live in self confidence, you feel sure about your abilities, qualities, or ideas. Being self-confident is a mark of self assurance. Self assurance is largely built up by ones self-respect. Self-confidence begins with treating yourself well. The opposite of it is the lack of confidence. Lack of self-confidence causes weight gain, depression, anxiety and stress and several other diseases and illnesses. People with low self-confidence often complain more. They see more problems and do not look to solve challenges. They feel stuck. Self-confidence is a mental state. It can be cultivated.

6 steps to live in Self Confidence now

Self-confidence means to recognise yourself and treat yourself well. You have often heard motivational speakers say; that you are unique and that there is not a second you on this planet. It does give you a motivational boost when you listen to them. That definitely makes you feel better. However you did not have a practice that can keep you in that state of thought and feeling. So, the question is, what can I do to keep my self-confidence and self-respect high? So, here are the 6 steps to being self-confident now.

Own Responsibility

The first step is to accept responsibility. None of us like where we are for long! We want to move forward and be better than what we are today. But, dislike won\’t take you further. It will only make you feel more miserable. Remember, self-confidence is all about the journey. It\’s not only about getting there.

Taking responsibility for where I am at this moment is the first step to being self-confident. You are here because of the choices you made. Don\’t like this place, make new choices.

Did you know that what you think and feel causes a vibrational shift in your being ness and affects every little or large thing in this Universe? This is real. Everything you think and feel does cause a shift. If something awesome or awful happens somewhere, may be your thought triggered that happening! Don\’t just brush it off. Believe it for now so that, when your mind has shifted from your current space, you\’ll know just how powerful your thoughts and feelings are. So, your first step is to accept responsibility for what you think and feel.

I\’d like to share something experience of how your thoughts and feelings actually manifest.

What you think happens for real

A few years ago, my wife and I were travelling in our car. As I turned into a street, we found the tar on the road neatly laid. It was such a beautiful experience to drive on that road. My wife blurted; now you\’ll see, they will dig up this road for some repair work. I retorted saying; why did you make such a statement? Don\’t you know your thoughts can actually manifest?

A couple of hours later we turned into the same street. All of a sudden, my wife held her head between her hands. I didn\’t know what was happening. I asked my wife if she was okay. The street had quite a bit of traffic. When the traffic cleared, I could understand my wife\’s actions. The tar had been broken into and the road was indeed being dug.

You just don\’t know how powerful your thoughts are. So, accept responsibility for what you think and feel.

Ask and it is given

Most of us don\’t ask! We believe life is like this. It does not have to be. When you step into a lift, you need to press the button to go somewhere. Until you press the button, the lift won\’t move. Or else, if someone else presses a button on the inside or outside, the lift will go to where that someone wants it to go. It is your responsibility to ask. Well, whom to ask may be your next question. There is no one outside of you whom you need to ask. Everything happens on the inside. So, who\’s inside? [whisper] The real you.

Do you realise your true ability? You are so smart that while you were being born, you created not just this body! You divided yourself into forces that will assist you in whatever you do. This was the amount of self-respect you demonstrated. These forces are dormant now because you haven\’t used them. This seems weird or absurd right? Think for a moment. How did inventions happen? What forces helped the inventors? Something more than what they believed there were was assisting them, right? No one made it by luck. People received favours because they asked for it.

Let me warn you! Getting everything you ask for is not how it works! So, just ask for what you need and it will happen. Yes! It is the law of attraction. There\’s a way to go about it.

Plan your journey

It is important to plan your journey. When you plan your journey you must pay attention a critical fact. Every thought you think will produce a consequence. And you have no clue what it is until it actually happens. So, there are possibilities that your plan may not happen as you wanted it to. Therefore, keep your plan and be ready for adjustments and modifications keeping your goal in sight.

Act on it now

Wherever you are, to shift, you need to move internally in your thoughts and your actions. You need to do it when you decided to. Never procrastinate. Never give up. Keep exploring. Opportunities never cease. To be self-confident you need to act now. This doesn\’t mean that when you miss one opportunity, another will come. You have to make that choice of which opportunity you are going to choose. Know that, every success story has a struggle behind it. I am not asking you to struggle but, you must act when you decided to. Take one step at a time. Every action will produce a result. The result will tell you whether the action steps you took were appropriate or not. Keep going as long as it is taking you towards your goal. When you notice something is wrong, stop, investigate and take corrective action and continue acting. Remember to ask for assistance when you need to.


Whatever you do, be consistent. Most people who claim to lack self-confidence give up too quickly. For all you know you might just be near the curve that will trigger transformation of your journey. If you give up then, don\’t blame anyone else for it. Consistency brings change. Practicing the same thing over and over again creates a habit. To change your old habits of procrastination or delayed action, you must begin that change by acting now and staying consistent with your journey. Everyone is born self-confident and with self-respect. It\’s what you do after that, that matters.

Chanting Veda Mantras

Veda Mantras are known to have a profound effect on the psyche. The mantra that is suggested by Vedacharyas to increase self confidence is called Shraddhaa Sooktam. It is suggested that a nursing mother chant Shraddha Sooktam to her child so that the child can develop extreme self confidence and self respect as it grows up. 

For growing up children, a parent can sit beside the child and chant Shraddhaa Sooktam. That will have a profound effect on their subconscious and help them improve their self confidence.

In Conclusion

The journey is never difficult. Your thinking and feeling makes it difficult. For people who are driven internally, the journey is always something to look forward to. Journeys bring with them rich experiences and tons of learning. That\’s what makes you grow. So, get prepared, and begin the journey you have been wanting to be self-confident now. Practice the 5 steps to be self confidence now. Best wishes.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
4 years ago

What an amazing article .. much needed booster for the day!

Amardeep Gummagatta
4 years ago

helpful article with elaborated explanation

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