Be as Jesus the Christ

Jesus the Christ chose God\’s love over everything else. He chose to listen to God\’s voice within at all times. He befriended God and let Him lead the way. Slowly, but surely, overtime, God and He became one.

Lessons to learn from Jesus the Christ

It is important to befriend God and Trust in God rather than trust in any fellow human being. Jesus the Christ helped all, but trusted only God. This is the most important and valuable lesson to learn from Him.

Jesus the Christ made a resolution to only listen to God and Trust only God. When He had to give up even His own Body for God\’s Love, he did not hesitate. He followed His Heart with the conviction that God knows best.

What is a resolution?

A resolution or resolve is to be sure of what you are going to do. It is decided and nothing can take you back. A resolution is not a passing statement. A resolution happens with awareness and trust in one\’s own ability to begin a new journey from here and onwards.

How to make a resolution?

The most important part of a resolution is to write down what is important to you.

Take notes on all those activities that you would like to do that take you closer to your heart. These are activities that will shape your mind so that you act in integrity of though, word and action. The unity of thought, word and action will help you be that much closer to God who resides in your heart.

These activities can be your work or your day-to-day activities at home or elsewhere.

Once you have written down, observe them and make a resolve to follow at least one of the tasks you have written down. Don\’t get emotional and make a resolve to follow all of them. Begin with one task and take it through an entire year.

For example; you may decide to be loving to all beings for all beings are born of the same God. In thought, action and deed, you must love all beings. Take this task through from today until the next year\’s Christmas Day.

Getting back to Love as Jesus the Christ did

Meditation is the way to fill your heart with God\’s love. Meditation is merging with God. When you make a resolve to follow God\’s way, you will only allow God\’s will over your will. Thy will be done. Not Mine. Putting this statement to practice with daily meditations will get you to be in love.

You can participate in our weekly online meditations and learn how to be in God\’s Love. Our Meditation Practices does not advocate any religious beliefs. Meditation is Universal just as God is One with several names and forms.

Sharing Love and Joy

When you are filled with God\’s love, you heart will be filled with God\’s love and Joy. Then, the one act you need to put yourself into is, to share with every heart, God\’s love and joy. That is what we have come here for. We are born of love and Love is our form. We are as God is. Let us strive towards realising our truth and live in love and truth.

The five principles of living as Sathya Sai Baba laid out are Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right conduct), Shanti (Peace), Prema (Divine Love) and Ahimsa (Not harming oneself and/or others) are good to begin your journey with. Choose any one and begin your journey inward.

Become like Jesus the Christ

Those times are gone when someone will come and crucify you on the cross. We are in good times. However, there is too much judgment, jealousy, hatred, envy, blame and disappointment in people\’s hearts.

God chooses who amidst us will walk the path and sacrifice our ego and our will and instead live as God directs. God chooses people who are ready to follow as He directs, as examples. It is appropriate that we follow the ways of these examples so that we can begin to listen to His guidance and progress as He directs.

In these times, we have a few people who are living as God directs. I have mentioned a few names here for you to follow.

Johnima and Kalassu – This couple have been living examples of God for over six decades. I have had the opportunity to attend a few of their satsang and have had personal sessions with them to take my spiritual journey forward.

Srikanth Sola and Shivani Sinha Sola – My personal mentors who\’ve shaped my spiritual journey are living examples of God for over 3 decades.

Just follow them and you will for sure find your path.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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