Cure conjunctivitis or Madras eye with Ayurveda

Madras eye or conjunctivitis is a symptom which usually occurs with increasing day temperatures in summer. It is also called pink eye. The symptom causes swelling in the eyes with redness, a whitish discharge and watering of the eyes. This disorder occurs more in children and adolescents. Some children even develop itching and pricking sensation in the eyes. You can cure conjunctivitis by following a few methods.

What causes Madras eye or Conjunctivitis?

The summer heat causes this symptom. Foods that are pungent and sour can aggravate this symptom. Foods such as garlic, poultry, green chilis, low water consumption, grapes, sour oranges and wheat are some of the foods that can aggravate this symptom. So, avoiding these foods can prevent the symptom from aggravating.

Watching violence centric movies, scenes or being subjected to violent behaviour by others at home can aggravate this symptom.

Ways to cure Conjunctivitis or Madras eye?

Protecting your eyes

Always wear dark glasses to reduce exposure to sun and dust. This also checks spreading infection to others. When you get conjunctivitis in one eye, it often spreads to the other eye too. So, along with following these remedies, also check for symptoms in the other eye.

Bowel evacuation helps reduce Conjuctivitis

A clear bowel evacuation in the morning helps reduce aggravation of conjunctivitis. This can be accomplished either by drinking warm water or taking Ayurvedic medicines that flush out heat from the body. Medicines such as Avipattikara churna can help. However, it is important to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner. Do not self medicate yourself.

Castor Oil cures Conjuctivitis

Applying castor oil on the eyelids at bedtime is a very good remedy to cool the eyes. It prevents aggravation of the symptom and also brings out all the dirt from the eyes.

Also, apply castor oil on the navel at night.

Honey and cardamom combination cures Conjunctivitis


Consuming half teaspoon honey with one part of cardamom cleanses and thins blood helping blood flow easily into the smaller capillaries. This helps reduce heat in the body.

Foods that reduce body heat

Salads such as cucumbers are good. Vegetables such as chow chow, French beans, carrots are good. Most greens are good. Fruits such as sweet lime, water melons are good. Rice is particularly good during this time.

Ayurvedic Oils help cure Conjunctivitis

Certain Ayurvedic oils cure conjunctivitis. Oils such as Chandanadi tailam, Himasagara tailam and sesame oils are good to apply on head in the mornings. A 15 minute massage of these oils on the scalp and washing it off with shikakai powder or gram flour will help reduce the symptom. Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner before using using these oils.

How long does it take to cure conjunctivitis?

It may take anywhere between 2-5 days to cure conjunctivitis. However, environment, exposure and outdoor activities in the summer afternoons may prolong recovery.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

Yes the above remedy works like miracle. Thank you Dr. Mahesh for your guidance.

chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
5 years ago

It feels so satisfied when you know what is getting into your body is natural and our traditional techniques.. I feel so blessed to have you in our lives …

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