Cause and effect

Are you aware of the cause and effect that govern our life? Let me tell you how… with an example. 

Someone recently asked me a question…

I ate at a wedding. The food was tasty and the aroma was good. I wasn’t particularly hungry. Yet! I ate. I am very full and actually feeling a bit uncomfortable now. How do I digest this food!

The question…

This is the question to you. How do you digest food that you’ve eaten when you’re not particularly hungry?

We all know that Hunger causes us to eat and Thirst causes us to drink water. 

What we don’t know is … What happens when we eat without hunger

What happens when we drink without being thirsty!!

This is the importance of Ayurveda in your day-to-day life.

The cause and effect in your daily life 

We all think, nothing will happen. This is what we tell a guest who has come to your home. Have this sweet. It’s very tasty. The guest says no, and then you will tell; take one, nothing will happen. You can replace that sweet with any other beverage or snack.

There is no such thing as nothing will happen. Something will happen.

Did you know this…about cause and effect?

When you eat food without hunger, your body attacks that food. Your body knows how to process what it asks for. However, when you give food when it hasn’t asked for it, it attacks this food by creating excess mucous secretions, and excess bile secretions and releases all those enzymes and hormones. 

This battle causes several changes in your body, such as; variations in blood pressure, blood sugars, increased enzyme, and hormonal secretions. 

When you don’t realize what you’re doing and repeatedly abuse your body with food, water, liquor, and cigarettes, you’re creating a battlefield in your body. And the result or effect is your high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, hair fall, varicose veins, unusual weight gain, or disc bulge, name the symptom, and you’ll know that it has a cause to it.

In Ayurvedic science, which is essentially your grandmother’s science, we are taught to put our body to use first so that we are hungry. You must work towards every meal of the day. Eating must be a reward for work done. It mustn’t become a habit.

But, we, being humans, are creatures of habit. For example; yesterday I asked a client, why do you eat nonveg? And he said; because my father ate and my grandfather it.

Ayurvedic science says; that food must be eaten according to your lifestyle. We all work hard mentally. How many of us work hard physically? How many of us cut wood, till the soil? Walk miles to work? Yet, we eat more than what our farmers eat.

This problem is not new

When the Rishis saw this pathetic state of human existence thousands of years ago, they prayed to God. And God descended on earth in the form of Lord Dhanwantari and gave the Rishis the knowledge of Ayurveda. 

A perfect science of diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

For diagnosis, He gave them the knowledge of Nadi Pariksha, a knowledge of how your fingers can be the sensors that will pick up subtle information that the patient’s body is communicating about its state of health. The Vaidya can tell you everything about you without you giving any prior information. 

For evaluation, God gave Rishis, the knowledge of the human body and for treatment, He bestowed them with knowledge and value of plants, animals, metals, minerals, and mantras and their use and application in treating diseases. 

There are 4 ways to treat symptoms 

Your symptoms are either curable, manageable, treatable, or not-curable. 

It all depends on the extent of abuse you’re body has borne. When you abuse your body, you leave less chance for your immune system to defend you. 

What Modern medical science has done…

Modern medical science has made amazing contributions to the science of diagnosis and evaluation by creating technologies that have reduced human effort. Doctors can see more patients in less time. So, most doctors do not have the time to diagnose and evaluate a patient’s health. The result is the birth of Spare part technology.

Few doctors today diagnose and evaluate the cause of your symptoms. The rest medicate you for your symptoms without understanding the cause or head out to surgical procedures.


When you believe that a doctor can fix your health or that a vaccine can save you, that’s when you’ve let your common sense fly out of the window. Fix yourself first. The doctor is only your assistant. He can help you fix your body. He’s not the mechanic of your car who can replace a spare part and get it running again.

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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