Survey says your eating habit is making you sick

Are you really hungry? Or is your hunger a habit? Your eating habit is making you sick. What you eat and when you eat can become the main reasons for your body to develop diabetes, blood pressure and cardio vascular diseases. And the associated problems of hair loss, baldness, psoriasis and a host of other skin disorders.

Our Survey says your eating habit is making you sick

I recently conducted a survey about hunger and eating. The results are scary and alarming. Below are the results;

While 85% of the total 149 people who participated in the survey realise that hunger is a physical feeling. However, only 10.7% actually feel hunger. 40.9% think they\’re hungry when they feel emptiness in their bellies while 23.5% feel rumbling in their bellies (movement of gases) is hunger. This is a dangerous situation. Eating without feeling hungry is the first step to a greater health concern. Accumulation of fats, metabolic and auto-immune disorders and a host of other illnesses are born here.


The next question I asked was, where do you feel hunger? To get their accurate answer, an image was shown to the person suggesting 1 out of 4 places in the abdomen to choose from. 51% of the people pointed to their umbilicus while 32% actually pointed to the actual site of hunger. This is evidence that people don\’t even relate to hunger. They have forgotten the feeling of hunger and eat out of habit. One of the reasons for you to develop a fatty liver is habitual hunger or eating without having physical hunger.

Eating before 8:00pm isn\’t enough

The 4th question was about dinner time. 58.4% percent are before 8:00pm


and 30.9% people are after 8:00pm. Only 8.7% are at the same time everyday and 9.4% eat irregular times. Putting the previous three questions together with this one, we are able to see that eating early doesn\’t necessarily mean that you are doing good to the body. What you must have is hunger.

The 5th question was about snacking after lunch. 14.1% do snack after lunch. This is a sign of a fatty liver. But, what\’s more alarming are those people who snack in between lunch and dinner. This number of people are 47%.

Snacking in-between meals can make you sick



If you ate your lunch and then snacked in between lunch and dinner, and you followup with eating dinner before 8:00, you can\’t possibly be hungry! Think about it, you have a beverage in the morning, then you have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Only a crocodiles and octopuses are known to eat all the time. Watch out! Your eating habit is making you sick.

Your eating habit is making you sick


Habitual hunger is simply the habit of eating. Most of the people I’ve met are not hungry to eat. They eat out of a habit. When a person is habitual hungry, hunger is merely mental. There is little or no physical hunger. Many people who come to consult with me think that if they won\’t eat one meal, they are going to lose weight, become tired, sick and eventually die. Your body will be healthier when you abstain from food when its not hungry.

Habitual eating can also be a family affair. Habitual eating is one of the primary reasons for the alarming increase in patients with diabetes, cardio vascular disease and cancers. These are neither communicable diseases nor contagious. All of these are diseases born out of ignorant lifestyle practices in families or eating when stressed. It’s no more about kids with obesity. The symptoms are far more chronic than you can think.


Sleep is another important and necessary factor in maintaining good health. Through this survey we see that 40.9% of people need to eat so that they can go to sleep (see image 3).


Did you know that, by eating excess of what you need, you can drug yourself to sleep? Eating to sleep is an unhealthy practice. The food you eat without being hungry cannot digest in your body. It\’ll only rot in your intestines and create the breeding ground for diseases to manifest.

Eating without hunger can create a host of illnesses

\"yourWhen you eat without hunger, one of the first health concern you will develop is a non alcoholic fatty liver disease. If untreated, it can progressively turn into acid reflux, GERD, diabetes, non-alcoholic-liver-cirrhosis, chronic kidney diseases, cardio vascular disease, varicose veins, etc,. The list is long.

From our survey we found that 22.1% already have been diagnosed to have a fatty liver and 9.4% have been diagnosed with diabetes. 16.1% have been diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux. The cumulative population of unhealthy people is huge (see image below). The fear is that the numbers are only growing.

What you can do to heal your body

  1. Get a prognostic diagnosis done now to make sure you are not reaching a point of sickness. Only Nadi Pariksha only can reveal if you will get any of the above symptoms in future and how you can reverse it.
  2. Know what is hunger – Hunger is a physical feeling of a hot, sharp, needle poking in point 4 (see image 2). Only that is hunger. If you are not feeling it, consider drinking some water. Don\’t worry, your body will not perish when you give up one meal. On the contrary, your body will heal itself quickly.
  3. Take smaller servings and eat only how much your body needs.
  4. It\’s okay if you have to eat only two meals – This means, you eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner. You can have fruits in between if you feel like it.
  5. Food quality (type) and quantities have to be based on your lifestyle. If you doing a desk job, you may not need any of the fatty foods and rich protein foods such as paneer, sprouts, red meats and chicken. You may need jowar (sorghum) roti, dals, rice and veggies. Keep your food light and your body will be healthy.
  6. Remember that your body needs your support. Provide to it what it needs and it will stay healthy and disease free.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy



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