When it’s time to let go

Let go is a phrase often used by people all over. How much truth or understanding is there in that is anyone\’s guess. When the moment arrives, most people are unwilling to let go of a situation or an object, but are forced to do so because of circumstances or a desire to get something in return. Therefore, when it\’s time to let go there is no happiness, no being in love, no harmony within.

Our son of 7 years got his lesson about letting go with love. A few days ago, my wife had prepared delicious and sumptuous pakoras. We all savoured them. The plate had the last pakora on it. As my hand was about to pickup it up, my son of 7 years quickly grabbed it and put it into his mouth. When he had finished eating the last one, I asked him this question; Did you grab the pakora or did I let you have it?

Give without expecting


Letting go is all about love. When it\’s time to let go if there is no love in it, then you are not letting go. You are giving something away in expectation of getting something in return.

There are two words I want to bring in here for us to understand. These are Sacrifice and Compromise. Most of us want to sacrifice, but end up compromising. Sacrifice is what we do out of love. Compromise is what we do out of want. Sacrifice has no motive. Compromise has a motive. There is an expectation of an outcome from compromise. Sacrifice fills you with love. Compromise is painful because most of the time, the expected outcome is not what we desired.

When you give something away with love, that\’s when letting go really happens. You give away something out of love. If there is no love, but only pleasure or pressure, then that act is not letting go. It is giving something away in return for something else.

Ask a woman

Most women know what sacrifice really means. A woman sacrifices for her parents, then for her husband and finally for her children. Their life is all about sacrifice. That is why older women, especially our grand mothers, were so full of love and so they were so happy and healthy.

But women these days have begun accumulating a lot of emotions caused by unwanted experiences.

Compromise breeds disease

When you give away something in expectation of something else, emotions of unhappiness, resentment, anger and frustration and sorrow sets in. In my experience of doing pulse diagnosis on people who have diabetes, heart disease, depression, Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiency, fatigue, body pain and even cancers, I have found more than often that they have had to compromise in situations. Its not that they did not sacrifice! The situation may have demanded that they had to let go without an option. And that compromise was way too heavy for them to digest.

It\’s important to learn how to walk away from what you no longer need to carry in your life.

When it\’s time to let go

\"WhatIt is so necessary to be in love. Children often share and give away easily and without hesitation. It\’s the attachment they learn from adults that causes them to hold onto what they have that prevents them from sharing. When children are in love, they don\’t hesitate letting go of something. Our daughter and son would give away snacks they love, only because they felt more love in doing so. They saw no reason in doing so. It was all about love.

Being in love helps always. When it\’s time to let go, love creates no resistance. There is simply a flow. Letting go simply happens. And then, there is only love. You can then walk away from what you don\’t have to hold onto anymore.

If you find helpless and need assistance, you can schedule an online audio video appointment with us so we can help you walk away from what you no longer need to hold onto.

It\’s practice time

Meditation is the practice of being to love. Being in love and being in God are the same thing. When you are being in love, it is easy to give away something or get away from something with least resistance. You return to being in love and happiness. We all have experienced what it means to be in love. However, most people have experienced the human to human love. This love is love no doubt, but it is limited from one to the other. After a while, it expires. Loving one another requires a motive. Being in God or being in love is deep, its intoxicating in a good sense. There is no motive to being in God.

There are literally countless practices to help let go. I found the Maypole Meditation to be the easiest and the quickest way to let go and walk away from something that is consume me and returning to being in God. The Maypole Meditation Audio Guide is on sale until Sankranti (January 15th).


Forgiveness is another practice that can help you quickly walk away from something you no longer need to hold onto. The practice of forgiveness is a little dicy. While you can only walk away from experiences, and that is what you need to let go of, people usually try to let go of the person. This creates more anger. We have the right technique and countless people have benefitted from this practice and returned to being in love and happiness. We know it works and doesn\’t leave a trace of anger or sadness in you. The Forgiveness Audio Guide is on sale until the same time.

Miracle Cards


This is yet another method to help you return to love. I have been working with people and this keeps me connected to my inner source of wisdom. The inner source of wisdom keeps guiding me through the sessions at at that time, there are profound messages that pour out. I have packaged these messages and the following guidance as a set. It is called The Miracle in the Practice Card Set. This is a set of 54 cards that guide you through life\’s situations and helps you return to being in love and happiness. This is on sale until Sankranti (January 15th).

Let letting go of everything become a reason to being in love and being happiness.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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