What’s my life purpose?

The most important question on the lips of an urban medicant is; \”What\’s my life purpose?\”. I use the phrase Urban medicant because people usually have a lot of questions without wanting to listen to the answers. That\’s because, when you have the answers, you have to do something about it. So, when someone famous is delivering a discourse or a satsang, the same questions popup again and again in your minds; \”What\’s my life purpose?\” People rarely ask more relevant questions such as; \”Who am I?\”, \”Why am I here?\”, \”How can I live my life purpose?\”, \”How can I love unconditionally?\”, \”What\’s the big plan I am a part of?\”.

Why am I here?

Why are you and me born on this planet and in this Universe? There must be a reason. We were not born by mistake! Many people have told me that their child was not planned. But their child still did come here with a purpose. They did not plan, is understandable. But, your plan for being here has always been there. So, why are you here? What is the purpose for you and me and the billion others to be here?

To get an answer to this question, we need to understand where we are.

My Universe

We are living in a Universe that reflects back to us what we send out of us. Did you know that we are living in bubble? This bubble is our Universe. This Universe is something we all have created for ourselves. My Universe is different and separate from your Universe. And I created all the manifestations of my Universe unknowingly and unaware that I was doing it. Having created it, now I have the task of taking care of it and feeding it.

My Universe does not eat food! It\’s not a mammoth of a creature! My Universe is a bubble alive in consciousness. Its food is my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, the words I speak and the actions I do.

What my Universe does is share with me what I have been feeding it. It simply acts like a mirror. So, this mirror is more than your dressing table mirror! It reflects me subtly. The Universe shares it in three ways. We call it Reflection, Reaction and Resound.

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What about my life purpose?

We all have only one life purpose. Your life purpose is to know who you really are. So is mine and everybody else\’s. What is necessary to find out is, how are we going to get there?

Sathya Sai Baba said this; In the end what really matters is, how much love you have shared with all of creation every moment of your existence.

So, all you have to do is to share love with all of creation while you are here. The Maypole Meditation is a sure way of sharing God\’s love with all of creation. And the Cosmic Tree Meditation is a wonderful way to be filled with God\’s love.

Further, for all that you have accumulated, you must finish that experience in love. Else, you will have to come back to end that experience in love. Forgiveness is an excellent way to culminate every experience in love.

Freeing yourself from your Karmic Baggage

We learnt yet another powerful technique. This is called \”Cutting the Ties that Bind\”. We are bound by invisible ties that connect us to our judgment and perception of people, things, our habits, beliefs and experiences. There are about a few hundreds of facilitators in the world and I am one of them. I have been using this technique on myself and help others free themselves of their karmic baggage. This technique can be used to help people who have had broken relationships, where a sudden demise of a partner has left the other heart broken or if you have had a trauma that you have not been able to overcome. This technique does not require the facilitator to sit face to face. I work with overseas clients located in the US, UK, Germany, and several other countries on online individual sessions or group sessions using internet services such as Skype® and Zoom®.

Love your work

Do you know that there is nothing which is non-spiritual? Everything is spiritual. What matters is, what frequency is it vibrating at. Let me explain it to you.

Depending on which place you visit or what you are doing, you are constantly sending out vibrations to the Universe.

Weights and the Peg


This gymnasium equipment is an excellent example of the frequencies we choose. Do you see the weights stacked one upon the other? And I suppose you also see the red colour peg which is pegged at 30 kilos. Now, just think for a while. If this stack of weights indicated where you are spiritually, how would it be?

In a way, I am describing now, how you can understand, through these stack of weights, where you choose to exist on this earth.

The peg is there only for you to decide how much weight you will be lifting. Depending on where we put peg, the amount of weight you lift will change, correct? Similarly, depending on how much weight you choose to lift, our life seems to get so much tougher or easier. It\’s entirely upto us to choose where we put the peg. The peg indicates the frequency we choose to live in.

Likewise, In life too, put that peg where you need to. For example; you won\’t sit in a bar with a drink and cigarette and meditate. That\’ll be absurd. Everything has a vibration. A meditation place in your house has an entirely different vibration compared to your kitchen or dining area. So, always choose to live the highest vibration you can so that you can see through the challenges in your life and enjoy your life experience.

How to live your life purpose

The Maypole Meditation is an excellent practice that helps you connect with your Higher Consciousness and receive guidance on how you can live your life purpose. The psychology behind the practice, as I understand it is simply like this.

We all claim that God is above all of us. Furthermore, when we need to remember God for blessings or to express gratitude, we tend to look up. This means, in our subconscious, we have physically placed God on a platter, which is in an elevated place, higher than where we stand.

So, we use this knowledge to our advantage by connecting with God. This practice involves you connecting to a tall pole with several multi coloured ribbons flowing from a sphere at the top which represents our Higher Consciousness.

Before you connect to the Maypole, you need to sit straight with your spine, neck and head straight. This helps connect with lesser interference from the mind. Although this practice can be done with your eyes open or closed, I feel lowering my gaze towards the floor and keeping my eyelids closed has been most beneficial. You can see what benefits you the most.

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Receiving Inner Guidance

After you have experienced the final step of receiving love from your Higher Consciousness, you can ask in your own words to be reminded of what the Higher Consciousness knows, is the kind of work you love the most. Sit with no expectation. Stay alert and aware. Your answer will come to you. You can also ask some of these questions which will lead you to your life purpose.\”Who am I?\”, \”What\’s my life purpose?\”, \”Why am I here?\”, \”What can I do to share your love with all of creation?\”

Acting on your Inner Guidance

Loving what you do and doing what you love is the perfect way of living life. When you are able to share God\’s love with others, That\’s when you begin working your way to towards living your life purpose. There is no end to this journey and it just gets better and better.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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