Life in my Universe

We are living in a Universe that reflects back to us what we send out of us. Did you know that we are living in a bubble? This bubble is our Universe. This Universe is something we all have created for ourselves. My Universe is different and separate from your Universe. The common thread that connects our Universes is love. I live my life in my Universe.

I created all the manifestations of my Universe unknowingly and unaware. Having created it, I have to live in it, nurture and nourish it. Life in my Universe is how I choose to live it.

My Universe does not eat food! It\’s not a mammoth of a creature! My Universe is a bubble alive and is consciousness itself. Its food is my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, the words I speak and the actions I do.

What my Universe does is share with me what I have been feeding it. It simply acts like a mirror. It reflects me subtly. The Universe reciprocates in three ways- Reflection, Reaction and Resound.


What you see, imagine and feel entirely depends on the intent with which you use your gross and subtle senses. This simply reflects back to you. For example; When you see something happen in the world around you and perceive it to be good, your thoughts and feelings also support your vision and thus your whole experience is good.

With this, you created a universe of a specific frequency which we call positive energies. The Universe will reflect back to you similar experiences. Whether your experience is good or bad, the Universe will reflect experiences of similar energies or frequencies. It is unconditional.


Your actions follow your thinking. How you act in any situation also comes back to you as a reaction from the Universe. I wish to share an experience that happened to me several years ago.

I was working as a Senior Research Fellow in a Centre of Excellence in Ayurveda and Medicinal Plants. The place was located amidst lush green environs. Therefore there were different kinds of wildlife around us. To name a few, we had lots of snakes, centipedes which were almost an inch thick with yellow and black or yellow and red bands. We also had Peacock, Quails and Partridge.

Earning Karmic Points

One day, while I was in the office, the administrative staff let out a yell. I was teaching Therapeutic Application of Yoga to a group of Brazilians. It was so loud that we all ran towards where the sound came from. One of the administrative staff said that there was a cobra in the office.

My office staff knew that I rescued snakes and released them in the wild. So, they let me proceed to catch the reptile. Once I had caught the snake, my arrogance got the better of me. I asked the staff in the Chemistry department to give me a small beaker and I asked that the mouth be covered with a hand glove. I proceeded to milk the venom from the cobra. In short, what I did was in violation of the karmic laws of the Universe. I wish to tell you that cobras never raise their hood or hiss at me. I don\’t know why though! But, this day was different.

After I had milked the venom, the snake raised its hood. It also hissed at me and tried to bite me. I let the snake into a bag. It tried to get to me and Its fangs got caught in the bag. Venom from its fangs sprayed across the bag. I also got an opportunity to taste the venom which I did. My actions of milking the venom had earned me several minus Karmic Points.

The Universe being unconditional will produce a reaction to every action. It is unconditional and it happened.

Karma Finished

Some 6 months had passed. A colleague of mine called me one day from his house. He said his twin daughters of 3 years were playing on the grass and he had seen a few small snakes slithering there. He was concerned. When I saw the snakes, I could immediately recognise them. They were Russel\’s Vipers. I had to catch them. I had caught one of those Russel\’s Viper and was about to cap its head with my index finger. The snake caught the movement of my finger and dug its fangs into my finger. Karma was finished. What transpired later is another story.


Our vocal cords are meant for communication and conversation. Language is an addition in humans. With the use of emotions and feelings, our language changes. Changes occur in choice of words, tonality or pitch, volume and speed. If you are angry, your voice pitch is higher, your volume is louder and the words you use are uncomfortable to hear. The overall experience of such communication breeds disharmony. This is another way we earn minus Karmic points.

The Universe creates a response which we call resound. All the reflection, reaction and resound we experience in our lives is not limited to what happens in this lifetime. Many of us carry Karmic baggage across lifetimes. This explains why kids have cancers, children are born with physical deformities and many of them are born as children with special abilities.

Freeing yourself from your Karmic Baggage

Sathya Sai Baba said this; In the end what really matters is, how much love you have shared with all of creation, every moment of your existence.

So, all you have to do is to share love with all of creation while you are here. The Maypole Meditation is a sure way of sharing God\’s love with all of creation. And the Cosmic Tree Meditation is a wonderful way to be filled with God\’s love.

Further, for all that you have accumulated, you must finish that experience in love. Else, you will have to come back to end that experience in love. Forgiveness is an excellent way to culminate every experience in love.

There is no point blaming God, the creator or the Universe. The creator is only the witness which mirrors your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Cutting the Ties that Bind

We are bound by invisible ties that connect us to our judgment and perception of people, things, our habits, beliefs and experiences. We need to free ourselves from these invisible ties that bind us. This is by far the most powerful practice I have come to know. There are about a few hundreds of facilitators in the world and I am one of them. I have been using this technique on myself and help others free themselves of their karmic baggage. You can start freeing yourself from your Karmic Baggage by taking an appointment.

The time is right now for you to decide what your Universe will reflect, React and Resound. You can work your way to free yourself from your Karma. It will fall apart and you will be free once again.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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