What does my woman really want?

You can tell a man is fallen for his woman when he tells you – I want to understand her. Women so wish that their man understand them, not know them. Women are romantic. A man can never understand a woman. This is because women are always experimenting. Women are dynamic. They are always finding out ways of romanticising with their man. If you want to know what your woman really wants, you need to be smart, you need to see under the cover to find the pieces of the puzzle.

Women derive their joy from having their man to discover what she is communicating with him. If you are a man who has fallen for your woman, get up. This is just the beginning of the maze. Find out what the romantic woman really wants.

What does my woman really want!

Men often get confused with what women really want. The biggest piece of the puzzle is to understand what a woman wants. Women get so overwhelmed with their role as the daughter-in-law, wife, mother, sister-in-law and so on that the lack of their man\’s support gets them to become frustrated. That\’s when all hell breaks loose and women begin to test their man. The man is often insensitive and does not put the pieces of the puzzle together to understand what his woman is actually asking. Here are some situations for you to know what your woman might be asking of you and what is her real intention.

Can you get that bottle from the shelf?

Many a times, a woman asks her man to get a certain container from the kitchen shelf. It is not that she cannot reach it! The man walks in and realises that she can take it herself. An argument begins because her demand was unrealistic. When she asked, you probably were reading something on your mobile or glued to your seat watching television.

You are right. Your wife was indeed able to reach the container from the kitchen shelf. Did you realise what she was upto? While cooking, your wife probably felt romantic and wanted your company in the kitchen. She uses techniques like these to draw you into the kitchen and have you beside her. If you reacted, then, this was a game gone sour for her.

Can you buy some groceries on your way home?

Men have placed themselves high up on the pyramid and they believe, without them nothing can happen. So, when a man walks out of his office, he believes finally, he can get back to his den. Just then, his wife calls him and asks him to purchase groceries from the market. The thought makes him even more tired. He feels famished. He picks up the groceries comes comes alright but, he missed the plot altogether. Did you realise that your wife was just romanticising?

Women are romantic and put most of their energies in romanticising their environment.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

The romantic woman

Women are romantic and put most of their energies in romanticising their environment. Women are very passionate about their home and their surroundings. They want to keep experimenting. In this scenario, your woman was excited that you were coming home. So, she thought of making something exciting to eat at dinner and that\’s how the shopping list emerged in her mind. Well, if you argued with her asking; couldn\’t you get the groceries yourself? What have you been doing all day? Why do you ask me to stop and shop for groceries? I\’m already so tired from the day\’s work. You just poured water on all of her excitement.

The romantic man

Its not that only women are romantic! Men are also equally romantic. More than often, men turn naughty and their romanticism comes to a conclusion very quickly.

I remember I was once at a shopping mall. I was waiting for my wife. So, I positioned myself on the mezzanine floor so that I could see the vast central area of the ground floor. Several people were criss-crossing walking their path. My attention caught a man who was hiding behind a pillar. He sported a broad smile. I saw him tip toe from one pillar to another. He must have been in his 50\’s. Then, I saw this lady enter the central area. She had noticed him and was smiling too. That\’s when I realised that the romantic man that he was, he was trying to surprise his woman. It was such a romantic sight to see.

I want you to buy me a diamond necklace

This demand for a diamond necklace can drive a man\’s throat dry. But, yes, women can demand such things off her man. However, it is important for us men to understand the puzzle behind the demand. What is your wife really asking for?

If there\’s anything a women demands, it\’s her man\’s attention. Women rarely demand gold and jewellery. You are now thinking, nah! Yes, women do like gold and stones studded in their ornaments. However, they get satisfied very easily provided the man knows the know how.

Mostly, women demand for expensive purchases from their man only as a gesture to get his attention and his time with her. If you don\’t get it, you\’d probably wipe sweat off your forehead or swipe your credit card. Either way, you lost the plot. Your wife will resigns with hurt thinking, why doesn\’t he get it!

The home she has decorated

Women like to keep their home and their relationship both renewed and refreshed. So, they keep doing things to the house and to their relationship with their partner so that they both get a facelift quite often. This includes making changes to oneself, making changes in the arrangement of artefacts or showcase items, a re-arrangement of furniture or minor additions such as adding a fruit basket or an arrangement of flowers on the dining table.

Men are usually oblivious to such changes. Their gaze does not catch the subtle but obvious changes in the setting. A woman\’s mood awakens when her man is able to call out the changes and appreciate her and her ingenuity.

Women like to keep their home and their relationship both renewed and refreshed.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

In Conclusion

There are literally countless ways that a woman will find to experiment with so that she can keep her relationship with you exciting. Live upto her excitement and the two of you will have the best time of your life. Marriage is all about keeping your batteries renewed from time to time. Nothing really ends when you marry the person you chose as your life partner. The game has just begun.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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