Witty humour can save your relationship

Humour is such a mood elevator that it can turn situations from being sad to happy. I remember when we were holidaying in a resort, two people came to visit the resort owners. They were partners of a sprawling business. Their high pressure jobs wouldn\’t function if they had to throw their tempers in. They instead turned witty. Each one was cracking witty humours jokes on the other. I asked one of them; is it your high pressure job that\’s making you crack these witty jokes? He agreed. Marriage too can go through high pressure situations. When you are witty instead of being satirical, you\’ll turn your relationship into an ocean of love and joy.

Love is the only potion to live by. Every other emotion is a poison that weakens you little by little until you are left with nothing.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Use witty humour when you are stressed

Jivan (name changed) and his wife had an arranged marriage. Their parents were friends and that his how the alliance happened.

Soon after marriage, Jivan realised that his mother and wife did not get along well. They were satirical with each other. So, he decided to separate the two of them by a floor. His parents stayed in the ground floor while he stayed on the first floor with his wife. Life began with his wife. Everything was okay for Jivan until reality struck to the couple that they are physically not capable of bearing children of their own. Stress began to brew between them.

Jivan was quick to smell the stress and brought out the wit in him to lighten the air. His wife too reciprocated to his witty humour equally. They made their life more humorous.

A few years later Jivan and his wife adopted a daughter Kshama, who learnt from her parents to be witty. Today, the family is living humorously. Jivan and his wife have been married for close to two decades. Whenever our families meet, humour is how we communicate with each other.

Love is the only potion

Love is the only potion to live by. Every other emotion is a poison that weakens you little by little until you are left with nothing. Loving is natural. It\’s who you really are. Do you remember holding an infant in your hands? What do you feel like? Happy? Loved? Do you know that is what the little child is doing to you? That child is being love. When you get into a room full of love, you\’ll become quiet and want to be love too. That is the power of love. Well, let me remind you that this is what you did to your parents too. When you were an infant, you too were love. Now that you have changed, you need lessons to get back to being love. It\’s something like needing a GPS to get back home.

Be quick witted naturally

We all have a natural sense of humour. Our humour is hidden when we are scared. A newly married man often get perturbed by what his wife will think of him. This causes him to be extremely cautious of his behaviour. I am telling you, be yourself. Let your wife know you. You did not murder anyone or jump the prison wall! So, stop being so serious.

Good witty humour is a sign of your intelligence. When you are humorous, you are also often spontaneous. Spontaneity is also an indicator of your connectedness with your inner core. Your innermost being, your reality is love, joy, peace and humour. Sometimes you do crack sick jokes! Just don\’t bother. However bad you might be at jokes, you\’ll get better with practice.

Don\’t be serious

Partners often take life too seriously. Don\’t be serious. Seriousness is the beginning of a sick mind. A sick mind produces a sick body. People who have witty humour often have less or no illnesses to complain about. People who take life too seriously are always complaining about one thing or the other.

In Conclusion

Marriage is two mirrors coming together to reflect each other. Your behaviour and expressions are opportunities for your partner to respond to and vice versa. How well you did will depend on what responses you get from your partner. Just make sure every response from you and your partner are worth a lifetime of humorous entertainment and happiness.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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