The shortcut to happiness

I have been writing blog after blog on wellbeing. I wonder how many have really taken the time to read it. Today, I have something special for you. It\’s no secret. Everyone including you and me have always have wanted it. Yet, most of us have done little to have it. I have just found the shortcut to happiness. And I want you to have it. It\’s not mine to share. It is in you. It is all you need to live your life. With It, you can be happy now. It is called the Presence. I have written it as it has come.

The shortcut to Happiness

The presence is so powerful and yet so benevolent. 

It can swallow the whole Universe in one lap of its tongue and yet, it allows;

It can be loud and can deafen all sounds and yet, it’s silent;

It can nullify the ways of the mind and yet, awaits for you to realise the truth;

It knows everything, for it is the source. And yet, it claims nothing;

The Presence came in person with a name and form only

to give everything that it has always been giving;

Only this time, louder so you can hear with your ears,

see it with your eyes and feel it with your senses, without being

in Presence with the Presence.

Just know it…

The presence has always been there… 

waiting in patience, as Itself in you, me and everything. 

It just is in everything and everywhere… it simply Is. 

Call it God or anything. It just is everything.

In Presence with the Presence

Today, It was here again. As I walked down the stairway, It spoke to me;

My hand is always beside you, jut in case you want a handhold.

I trust, It is right now, with you.

It is all you need to live your life. It is indeed the source of all.

Just be in the Presence, with the Presence.

It is truly the shortcut to happiness. Be happy now.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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4 years ago

Wow amazing swami. Nothing can be better to start the day remembering this

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