Incredible facts about the mind

The mind is the best tool ever created. All creatures have mind. This means, all creatures are able to feel, judge, act and react. Mind is a substratum or platform for thinking, feeling reasoning, acting and reacting. While all animals access the mind to think, feel, act and react, they don\’t have the ability to reason. Reasoning leads to creativity or doing things differently. This is where We are different. You and me have all the faculties that animals have. And we have the power of reasoning which ignites creativity in us. Do you know that you are habitually using the mind? This can get you to experience anxiety, anger, judge people, feel emotionally depressed, lonely and helpless. Being aware can get you out of this mess.

There is no difference between the mind and your mobile phone. Both are tools that can be used endlessly. The only difference is that you need to charge your phone. The mind is ageless and timeless.

Do you know that if you don\’t use the mind appropriately, it can begin to gain control over you and your behaviour, attitude, emotion and expression? And there is no Sunday for the mind. It works the same everyday.

When you don\’t use the mind appropriately, you can feel angry, agitated, frustrated, depressed and anxiety. There are specific practices mentioned in the ancient scriptures which we are using to get people out of this mess.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

What is the mind?

Mind is the combination of Akasha and Vayu. This means, the mind is subtle. It is everywhere and it is influenced by Vayu. It connects through Akasha. Mind is in everything.

The good thing about the mind is that it creates endless possibilities. But, there is a negative side to this. It never comes to a conclusion. It just goes on creating. So, when you listen to the mind, or trust the mind, you can never come to a conclusion. The wise thing to do will be to use the mind without trusting it.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

The rishis knew this. That\’s is how they were able to use the mind perfectly.

What is the nature of mind?

This mind is unstable as the wind. It needs variety in everything. The mind holds everything, pure and impure. All thoughts and memories of everything that has ever happened is here. That plane of mind is called as the Akashic Records. Anyone can access the Akashic Records. I am not going deep into this subject today. We will discuss this some other day.

How can I use the mind?

This is the one question no one asks. The mind has to be constantly put to use while you are aware so that you don\’t feel anxiety, restlessness, lonely, depressed and confused. Do you remember the story of Alladin\’s lamp and the Genie?

Alladin finds a lamp. He looks at the lamp and does not know what that lamp was meant for! But the lamp was good. So, he keeps the lamp with himself. Alladin realises that the lamp has gathered dust and needs polishing. So, he rubs on the surface. As he rubs on the lamp, a genie comes out. The genie thanks Alladin for freeing it. Then, it tells Alladin, give me work or I\’ll eat you up.

First Alladin asks the Genie to go round the world. The genie finishes it in no time and comes back. Then Alladin asks the genie to go around the world several times. The Genie finishes that task too.

Finally, Aladdin and wonders what to do! So, he uses his intelligence, and tells the Genie to catch its own tail. The Genie is still at it.

Using the mind is something like telling the Genie to find its own tail. You have to have the mind do it all the time. You be aware

Being aware helps you use the mind

Only when you are aware can you truly use the mind. When you are not aware, you are in the mind. This means you act as mind directs. Most people are enslaved by the mind because they are not aware. They feel lonely, depressed, anxiety, restlessness and helpless and fear without reason. Those who are aware have the freedom to use the mind or keep it away and use it only when needed.

There are many of those who know what to do but, are lazy to be aware. They want to swim in the mind and blame everyone and everything around them. That\’s, in a way, more convenient. They feel anxiety, restlessness, lonely, depressed and helpless.

How can I be aware?

Being aware is very very simple. It just takes a second for you to be aware. When you observe, you are aware. Observing without judging or perceiving is awareness. Observe like a camera. It doesn\’t perceive or judge. It just observes.

Here is a practice you can do to be aware. And you can do this practice at all times, no matter where you are and what you are upto.

Observe what the body and mind are upto. If thoughts are crossing the mind, observe it. When the body is moving, observe it. When lungs are breathing air, observe it. Whatever is happening, simply observe it. That\’s all. It is that simple. Just keep it going. You will be aware.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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