Procrastination can make you sick

Procrastination is the science of inaction by postponing an activity that needs your attention now. People often procrastinate because they can have the pleasure of not doing anything. Self importance is a big threat to your job, career and your mental and physical wellbeing if procrastination is what you love to indulge in everyday. Procrastination is potentially hazardous to your mental well being. It causes you to find reasons to stay in your comfort zone and you will begin to blame situations, people and the company itself for your indecision. The habit is self defeating. Stop procfrastinating before it consumes your mental and physical health

What happens when you procrastinate?

When tasks look like they are piled up, you want a break from your routine. That\’s fine. But, what if that routine becomes the main lookout instead of keeping your mind busy in accomplishing your tasks? That\’s when you begin procrastinating.

In the beginning, your procrastinating is extremely pleasurable because this is new habit and the pile of tasks you choose to work on later is small. However, as the habit kicks in, you see the tasks pile up. Looking at the list of unfinished tasks causes you to postpone it further. In the beginning you were procrastinating because you did wanted a break. Now, you want to run away from the pile of tasks because they seem just too much for you to handle.

This is what procrastinating does to you. It causes you to dwell in self importance. Self importance makes you mentally sick. You feel more anxious and less inclined to find a solution. Instead, you begin to look at problems and people to blame for your problem. Any person who is willing to help you come out of your problem will have to give up their time to listen to your reasons and complaints. Psychiatrists usually prescribe anti-depressants or medications to control anxiety. You do not need any anti-depressants or anxiety medication. What you need is an air of self confidence and there are just 4 steps to stop procrastination and get back to life.

4 Steps to stop procrastination

There are just 4 steps to stop procrastination. Following these steps will ensure that your life will transform within a week for your best.

Make a list but keep it small and easy

One of the most important tasks to stop procrastinating is to begin writing a list. However, there is a caution for you. Don\’t Bring your guilt into this activity. Often guilt causes you to list all the unfinished task in one list. Looking at this list will defeat your purpose in one glance.

So, keep your list small with current tasks that you need to accomplish.

Self talk

Talking to yourself to motivate yourself to get up and do the tasks is a good way to begin. You can begin by talking to yourself saying; \”I know I want to rest now but, I must do this task now. It will benefit me the most.\”

Get up and get to your task

Once your list is ready and your self talk is done, it is time for action. You must be quick. Get to action with your tasks now. There is nothing life getting up and doing your tasks. When you have accomplished, the pleasure of completing your tasks is way too rewarding. I wouldn\’t want to give that up for anything!

In my teens, my father tried waking me up at 5:30am every morning. Those were the worst days when you want to sleep but your father will come and wake you up. And my father would simply pull the sheets off me and make the situation so uncomfortable that I had to get out of bed.

Several years later, when I had grownup, my father left it to me. For a few years, I woke up whenever I wanted to. Then one day, I decided, enough was enough. Now, I want to wake up every morning at 4:30am. I needed a mantra to wake up early. I searched everywhere but couldn\’t find one. Everyone I asked told me, \”Just do it\”.

So, I thought to myself, 4:30am doesn\’t come after 4:30am. That is reason enough for me to wake up at 4:30am. Today, I don\’t need an alarm. I just wake up at 4:30am and I\’m off for a great day.

Learn your lesson

The most important part of accomplishing your tasks is about learning the lesson. When you accomplished your task, you feel proud. You feel you at the top of your world. All that is fine. To be successful, your continuity counts. It\’s not a one time activity. You need to be at it. If you learnt this lesson, you will never procrastinate. That lesson must come from your experience of getting into the continuity of accomplishing tasks and celebrating your achievement.

When you have learnt the lesson, you don\’t need the first 3 steps. If you haven\’t learnt your lesson, then you are bound to fail again.

It is not so difficult to stop procrastination! Staying up to date continually with your tasks and schedules is. And that challenge can be rewarding only when you reward yourself with yet another accomplishment.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Veena Rao
Veena Rao
5 years ago

Very true!! Certain set of people love to sit on problems instead of finding solutions ..they don’t want a solution basically . Such people are capable of turning solution also into a problem.. I don’t find any hope for such a set

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