You can do this if you want success in life

People are always searching for ways to achieve success in life. There are so many success coaches in the world who gave so many examples of how they themselves achieved success. They exemplify stability, consistency, dedication and perseverance. They also share with you what your goal must be like and how you can become successful. However, there is one mantra that is common to all success coaches, no matter where they come from. That success mantra is discipline.

Every parent wants his or her child to succeed. But, they fail to mentor their children for the simple reason that they are not aware of what methodology to employ that will help their children.

I was invited to a dinner by a family. The mistress of the family, an Ayurvedic doctor had come to learn Nadi Pariksha or Pulse Diagnosis at one of my Training programmes. They had two children,  a boy and a girl. At dinner, the father started a topic of ways to achieve success. He was specifically addressing his son. His son was very good in his studies. The boy had a weaker side to him. He was undisciplined. There was no schedule of when he must do what.

Our discussions continued after dinner. I asked the father, where does his son\’s indiscipline come from! His father said that his son was always busy with the phone playing games. And he did not believe in following a schedule. My next question to him was; Are you disciplined? Do you have your goals to achieve? The father’s face became serious and he thought for a while what to answer. After a thought, he said; No. I took the opportunity to ask him another question. How busy is your phone in your hands?  His wife pitched in and said; he is busy speaking to his friends on the phone all the time.

Show the way to success

Children follow adults. They copy without reasoning. Parents mustn’t blame their children if they themselves are not disciplined. Parents must show the way. An example is a thousand times more powerful than speaking a hundred words about your preachings. Always show the way by being what you want others to follow. If you want your children to be happy, be happy first. If you want your children to read more books, show the way with you reading books.

An example is a thousand times more powerful than speaking a hundred words about your preachings.

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

What is discipline?

The mind is unsteady. It isn’t fixated on anything. It simply is all over the place. If you want to achieve success, you need to restrain the mind. This means you need to give the mind direction. In India, horses which are used to pull carts, have eye pads. These eye pads prevent the horses from looking at anything and everything. They can only look in one direction, forward. Similarly, we too need to condition the mind to do what we have to, so that we can give ourselves a direction to move forward. The practice is discipline. Discipline in other words is repetitive action with a purpose. Discipline with a purpose is called Focus.

To give you an example; If you want to keep your body healthy, you need to walk every morning and exercise. Your body needs flexing and so you must practice Yoga. Ayurvedic massages every weekend will keep the body healthy. A healthy diet keeps your body nourished. Regular reading habits keep the mind refreshed and curious to learn more. This way, you need to bring stability, consistency and sustained action to condition the mind and body. What are your goals to achieve success?

What you can do to bring success in your life

People who have lived long and happy life have one mantra which they have followed all their life. And that practice is discipline. Discipline keeps the mind alert and your body healthy. Discipline Also makes you more confident.

This is what you can do to bring success into your life!

  • Begin by waking up the same time everyday and let that time be early. Wake up before sunrise everyday. Tell your mind when it needs to wake up rather than waking up when the mind wants to.
  • Get ready before breakfast. Eat after you are ready for the day. What I mean by getting ready for the day includes more than your dress sense. Set your goals for the day before breakfast.
  • Spend quality time with your family. Give your family your due time. This is important. Success is not only about you.
  • Love what you do and give your work a structure. If studying is what you must engage with now, give it the number of hours due to it.
  • Measure your actions and results it produces. Efficiency, dedication and perseverance in your life and work brings desired results.
  • Meditate everyday and spend sufficient time with yourself. Meditation helps you be new today.

No matter what your goal in life is, you need stability from within. The first step to bring stability in your life is to follow a structured way of going about every single day of your life. And the only way you can achieve that objective is by bringing in discipline in your life. Success is not about earning money or buying a house. Success is about sustained action with stability in mind that continue to produce desired results.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy writing from Benaras, Varanasi

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5 years ago

Really a great article?As a parent I’ll definitely try to follow the above mentioned ways to set a role model for my children. Thank u so much for sharing information which can guide the parents

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