Healed from a Migraine which I suffered for 20 years

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When Giridhar was a teenager, one day, he suddenly had a bout of migraine. Little did he realise that this would come back with more frequency and more intensity for the next 20 years. Recently, he called me from the Netherlands where he works. I worked with him remotely, taking him through therapies that will free him from his past. His feedback was heartwarming when he stated; I am healed from a migraine which I suffered for 20 years.

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Why do people get a migraine?

Though migraine can be a neurological problem relating to nerves, most often than not, its cause is psychological, meaning, it triggers due to deeply embeded painful memories. People who have memories from past, usually relate to the ones which cause more pain and suffering, unless, they are asked to remember happy memories.

The mind

The mind, which we all use to think, is programmed by our elders to remember negative memories so that we do not repeat what we did in our past. In our immaturity, we did not realise that we are apparently programming ourselves to remember only what we don\’t want to. This programming leads us to debilitating symptoms like what Giridhar was experiencing until 2 months ago.

I am healed from a migraine which I suffered for 20 years

Giridhar mentioned that he would have pills and pain balms next to is bedside. He would wake up in the middle of the night or early mornings with a headache. About a month ago, his wife was surprised to find that, there were no medicines beside his pillow. She asked him about his medicines to which he mentioned to her; I am healed from a Migraine which I suffered for 20 years. She was so happy.

What happens when you have a migraine?

When one has a migraine, there is increased sensitivity towards light, sound, and fragrances. The more light, sound or fragrances, the more the intensity of headache. Giridhar said that, he had to switch off all lights and sit in a dark room and wait it out. Sometimes, medications are not enough and people get so frustrated with their migraines. They believe that their life is wasted because of these migraines.

The real cure for migraine

Medicating yourself with pills during migraine episodes is not cure. It\’s managing your symptom. There is a difference between managing a symptom and curing the cause. Migraine is a symptom. Like all other symptoms such a diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues, symptoms cannot be cured with medicines. Medicines are meant to treat the symptom and not cure it. This means, a person taking medicines, has to take it for long unless, the cause itself ceases to exist and the symptom vanishes. Medicines have little or no role to play in remedying the cause.

The real cure for a Migraine happens when you approach it from the point of genesis – Where and how it started. It\’s when you remedy the cause do you actually cure the symptom. Symptoms, by themselves, are simply called in colloquial terms as \”Karma Phala\”, meaning, fruits of actions. Consequences have to be faced until you learn from your experience. Once you have learnt about the action, which could be physical, mental or emotional, the symptom simply falls apart. This is the real way to cure any symptom.


The next time someone says; I healed from a Migraine which I suffered for 20 years, don\’t ask them what medicine they took. Ask them, what they did to their past that cured their migraine. That\’s the only way to treat any symptom.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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