Being in the preparation

As a child, I would dread facing tests and exams. I am sure many of you who read this post would have had similar experiences. I would always look at the ones who secured the top spots of limelight at school, with a question in mind; what is it they do that makes them secure the top spot? I did not get the answer until much later in life when I took the Sadhana path of being in preparation.

Being in preparation – for Children


As children, we are always told to do well in exams. There are scores of children who suffer from their inability to comprehend the very instruction of \”do well in exams\”, than the ones who genuinely can\’t do well in exams. As children, now under the online schooling mode, or even otherwise, must always be engaged in studies. This is a part of being in preparation. You might want to know, being in preparation for what? The answer is simple – You must prepare for the final moment which could be a surprise test or your exam. It\’s like this. A musician must always practice so he or she is ready when called to perform.  Likewise, you must always be engaged in studying so that, when you are given a test or exam, you are ready to perform. This will take the stress out of you. Be effortless in your studying. You just need to stay in touch with your subjects everyday so that you know the answers to all the questions. Building familiarity with your studies is the key.

Being in preparation is Life

Just like we did in school, being in preparation in life too, is important. The moment we are born, we must begin our preparation for the final destination. It\’s really important. Most people do not pay attention to this fact. This is the reason why people are so scared of the unknown.

Every day, every moment, you must be in preparation for that moment when you will meet with the core of your being – The creator of All That Is. Prepare for that experience of Self-Realisation. It\’s all about being in preparation. Everything you


think, feel and do is your vehicle, which takes you the place you are intending to go to. So, it is critically important to practice thinking, feeling and doing what\’s appropriate. Can you imagine a situation where your heart is jumping with joy of a holiday you are about to have, and the mind brings you to your office? How would that feel? Would you enjoy such an experience? Being in preparation will ensure that you will go to where you need to, and not get stuck in a place not meant for you.

Make your life your Sadhana

When you make your life your Sadhana, (your practice of being in preparation), you will experience enrichment. You will

experience real joy. The mind, body and senses must always be directed towards the practice. And practice will bring you to your destination.

Being in preparation for that moment


Honestly, none of us know when that moment will come for which you, I, and every one of us have lived a thousand lifetimes. And when it comes, if you are not ready, not prepared to embrace it, enjoy it, live it, breathe it, you will feel nervous and you will want to snap out of out it, only because you are not in preparation. Much later in life, a time will come when you are ready. At that time, the mind will remind you of that enlightenment that had arrived. The mind will trigger guilt in you that, despite being told, despite coming to know, that you need to stay in preparation, you did nothing, you were not ready on that day. Don\’t let that drive you into depression.

So, begin today, to be in preparation for that moment for which you have been waiting literally for a thousand lifetimes. Practice being in preparation now. Be ready when that moment arrives.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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