Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Today is Sri Krishna Janmashtami. It is celebrated on Ashtami, or the 8th day of Bhadrapada month. His father was Vasudeva and mother was Devaki. The day He was born has been celebrated every year, for centuries.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations include making sweets, namkeens (salt dishes), and kheer or payasam. Thought much of it revolves around food and savouries, not much thought goes on the significance of this day.

What does Sri Krishna Symbolise

Sri Krishna symbolises so many human facets. He demonstrated what man can achieve in his life and how. Krishna was born in a prison and was immediately taken away from his mother to his foster mother Yashoda.

As Krishna grew, he faced so many threats to his life, all of which, only he could overcome. His own maternal uncle Kansa, was out to kill Him, and He had to keep his emotions aside and kill him, only to quell Adharma.

The Life of Sri Krishna


If you have a sneak peek at His life, you will come many intense moments of His life.

Sri Krishna’s life essentially comprises of unimaginable moments which include; Separation from his mother, sacrifice for his friends, loving all without attachment, being righteous without fear of people, and bothering about what others perceived about Him and His ways.

And who doesn\’t know of the famous Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita and the Kurukshetra battle!

With so much at stake and against Him, He did not, even once, stop being love, embracing love and spreading love. This is what makes Sri Krishna the God that He is.

Krishna for us

Krishna is always seen with a flute in His hands, which He is said to have stopped playing after Radha left her body while listening to His flute.

He is the cowherd body who mesmerised all of creation with His divine music flowing out of his flute and who stood by Dharma, took on mighty warriors without fear.

What we can follow from Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Let us, today, on the day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, remember his lessons of sacrifice, unconditional love and dharma and follow His words of wisdom that He left for all of humanity.

Lessons to live by (8 Practices on Janmashtami)

We can begin this day with some practice;

  1. Watch your emotions – Use your emotions only when necessary. Be angry when necessary, not when you want to. Fear Adharma, nothing else. Be sad for losing your love for God, nothing else.
  2. Watch your words – Speak only when necessary. Avoid gossiping.
  3. Watch your thoughts – Think for God and of God.
  4. Followup your thoughts and words with actions.
  5. Be happy always.
  6. Worries don\’t produce results. If they did, Krishna would have worried at all times.
  7. Battles can be won without even raising your finger. Find the best way to win.
  8. Your ego is your enemy. Befriend love and shun your ego.

Jai Sri Krishna.

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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