Feeling sleepless and unsettled?

Srinivas (name changed), a man, 60 years of age, came to me for a consultation. His wife\’s consultation with me had been good, so she prompted him to come to me for a meeting. When I checked his pulse, the Nadi Pariksha diagnosis revealed that he felt sleepless and unsettled, and he was also feeling anxious. Srinivas had sought professional advice from a few others before he came to me, and they all had suggested various remedies. He did not try them because, in him, he knew that; the cure is not medicine. There must be something else to remove the feeling of restlessness and to be unsettled. He couldn\’t understand why he was feeling so.

The evaluation of Nadi Pariksha

As I began explaining to him, the jigsaw puzzle of his life fell in place. Srinivas was a self-made businessman who started the internet business the same year the internet dawned in India. His company tasted successs and hired more than 100 people. He was also a philanthropist and in the body of prestigious organisations that made a difference in people\’s lives. Srinivas has a daughter and a son, and both are married and settled abroad.

The transition

A year and a half ago, Srinivas handed over reins of his industry to his kin and took a sabbatical. That is where all problems began. For Srinivas, his first pillar of strength was his daughter. A few years ago, she married and settled with her husband in the US. His second pillar of strength was his son. He, too, got married and settled in Australia. Both of them are living their lives with their respective spouses. His wife is an intellectual and loves her teaching profession. Their relationship, too, is good. His large pillar of strength was the company he had started. Having raised his children, married them off, and given his brother\’s company made him feel insignificant.

The feeling that no one looks up to him for any help or suggestion, no emails to check except the electricity and building maintenance bills that come once a month, left Srinivas in a void. Furthermore, he had always engrossed himself in work, which left him with no friends. He had lost his sense of importance. He was feeling anxious, and he also began feeling sleepless and unsettled.


Looking back at Srinivas\’s life, the amount of value he has created for himself and the difference he constantly makes to countless people\’s lives is immeasurable. However, when you get into this self-importance and feel, \”I feel stressed, and so, I need a break\”, the mind takes over and begins the process of toying with your self-confidence.


Srinivas has rich life experiences that, if shared with others, can impact more lives than he can imagine. So, I suggested that he write a book and share his ideas and insights from his life in forums. He could immediately see the point. I also shared with him how it is essential to schedule the day with activities and measure every task with objectives to achieve, goals to accomplish, identify the gap he is filling and the plan of action. This simple step brought him immense relief. The last point about the schedule is relevant, essential and necessary for all age groups. It enhances your self-confidence immensely.

The Learnings

Life is meant for living and contributing. At some turns in life, one wonders what did I get in the deal! Never entertain such thoughts. You already have everything you need. The mind will weaken your intent, and you will feel weak and lonely. When you feel anxious and feeling sleepless and unsettled, look within your thoughts and feelings. Where are they misplaced?

All that you will gain in giving is enrichment, gratitude and joy. Health is good when you feel enriched, grateful and joyful. To have your physical, mental and emotional health in abundance, give without expecting anything in return. Then you will see how your life will enrich itself for you.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy


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