Don’t just fight the problem – solve it

Are you anxious when you think of going to office? Do you feel Monday blues? Do you get anxious at workplace? Then it\’s time to move on. Workplace anxiety can cause changes in your body. Your body can manifest symptoms that includes a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, sleep disorders, anal fistula, anal fissures and chronic fatigue. Your mind may even create suicidal thoughts. So, it\’s important to note that you must not just fight the problem – solve it.

Suresh (name changed came in for a consultation. After diagnosing, investigating and evaluating his condition, I arrived at the conclusion that his health was at the brink of breaking out into an illness. Suresh wasn\’t at all aware of what was happening in his body. All he felt was fatigue, inability wake up fresh in the morning and anxiety at his workplace.

The number of people who are feeling anxiety at workplace is increasing in alarming numbers.

Don\’t just fight the problem – Solve it

When Suresh came in, little did he know that the cause of his health condition was how he felt about his work. Suresh, like many others, was having his job only because it gave to him the money he needed to fund his daughter\’s education. His friends had made smart choices and moved to career options they loved. Suresh did not have the courage to do as his friends did. He stuck to his high paying job. However, Suresh did not love his job.

So, every morning, he had to drag himself out of bed so that he can go to office. He was forcing himself everyday to do what he no longer loved doing. This was the real problem he was facing.

Solving the Problem

When you come to me, I don\’t just teach you how to fight your problem. I will help you identify your core strengths and passions with which you will create your future. Your fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and diabetes, sleeplessness are all byproducts of how you relate to your workspace and your personal life. When you solve these two challenges, your body will heal. This is what I have seen over and over again.

People Don\’t Fear Failure. People fear because they do not plan their journey towards success.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Why do people fear?

People don\’t fear failure. People fear because they do not plan their journey towards success. Before you being your journey, you  turn on the GPS on your mobile so that you can know how many tolls you have to pass, how much money it will cost, how much fuel to fill, how much time it will take for you to reach your destination and finally, how many stops you will require in between. Likewise, you need to work on every project you take on. You cannot afford to begin your journey blind-folded.

The most important thing to note is that no problem will get solved overnight. However, every problem can be solved when you dedicate a little time everyday. The first step is where you need to invest your time and energy. This, you can do on weekends. The first step is to dig deep within to find out what you really love doing and what you are passionate about. Usually, people are confused about it. With little guidance and a little push, they will be able to get there.

Plan your journey

You need to set your objective first. This means you must decide what you want to achieve. Setting your objective is the most important step. Your journey has to be carefully planned and this is where you begin. That is how begin your journey towards success. Once you have set your objectives, goals, and how you will achieve your success has to be charted out.

Whether you want to pursue your passion of photography, scuba diving, driving, or just about any other profession, you need to set your dream on course. Else, you are bound to fail a journey that could otherwise been an amazingly successful venture.

Personal anecdotes

I began my journey towards finding out what I love doing. Meditation was the path I chose and discipline had to be inculcated. So, every morning and evening mediations were set. The revelation that happened was, I am passionate about being a healing facilitator. And in this field, Nadi Pariksha and healing the mind-body system through Ayurveda, Yoga, Marma Chikitsa and other therapies that heal the Manas Vrittis (modifications in Manas that cause all problems) came to me easily and effortlessly.

When you believe and know what you chose is right for you, everything that is needed to move forward will manifest in your life as if, they have been waiting for you to arrive and take charge.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

So, I started my journey of practicing Nadi Pariksha, I set my objectives. The objective I set is to establish an Institute of Nadi Pariksha. My first goal was to have the course material. I developed that. The second goal was to have students. I was invited by the Government of Haryana and National Rural Health Mission to teach Ayurveda to government Ayurveda Doctors. I was now recognised in Haryana. Everybody knew me. The third goal was to publish a book. That happened. Like this, you need to set goals and achieve them.

I wake up every morning to accomplish a new goal. I am inspired to wake up every morning. Are you?


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Sriharsha Aswathanarayana
Sriharsha Aswathanarayana
5 years ago

I can relate to what is written in this article. Thanks, Mahesh for bringing it out succinctly.

Sheela Anagolum
Sheela Anagolum
5 years ago

Wonderful article Mahesh. I can relate it to 100%. You bring out the connection between the body, personal life and the work space with so much clarity. Thank you.

5 years ago

“People don’t fear failure. People fear because they do not plan their journey towards success.”
True indeed. In-fact people like me even plan their journey but they remain only as plans because there is no commitment towards the plan. You nailed it by pointing out that the first step is to invest one’s time and energy towards the same. So what’s stopping us might be lack of enough will to walk the plan. May be thinking over the end result (of how happy this would make myself and all the people around) might be a first step for kindling commitment (similar to a student learning a Suktam etc thinking about its Phala Sruthi).

Thank you Mahesh.

Reply to  Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy Ph.D
5 years ago

True. Thank you.

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