Are you your wife\’s smart guy?

Are you the smart guy your wife is looking for in you? Smartness in a man makes the woman feel more sensuous. Being smart is one of the traits a woman wishes her man to possess. Being smart is not like a game of chess. Don\’t think too much. Be yourself.

Have you taken your mother saree shopping?

Did you know, when you are marrying a woman, she silently is wishing her man to be superman? Have you ever taken your mother or your aunts saree shopping? I Have. Many women, especially my aunts ask for saree colour combinations that have never been made. I wonder why the weavers never dreamt of such combinations! Likewise, a woman expects traits in a man that are difficult to find.

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Be smart

Smartness has to do with quick and intelligent decision making. It\’s about taking charge of a situation. If you are slow and take time to clear the fog in your mind, then, your wife is not the one to appreciate you.

Women take pride in showcasing their smart husbands just like men like to showcase their beautiful women. When you are smart, you showcase your intelligence through your actions. You are very clear about where and how you will showcase your intelligence. When you are smart and sensitive, it is a killer combination. Any woman would embrace with open arms, her man who is smart and sensitive.

Don\’t try to be smart

This blogpost is for men who are getting married or, are newly married. A caution to married men – Please do not woo other women after reading this blogpost. Women are smarter than men. They know your moves even as you are thinking. So, don\’t think you can outsmart women. My blogs are backed by my experience with working with literally thousands of married couples and courting partners.

Your smartness is for your family first

Many men whom I have seen are smart when they are in the company of their friends or in a social gathering but, are very serious and unromantic when they are with their spouse! I don\’t get it. Why are you so dry with your spouse? Your wife will be the first one who will appreciate your smartness, not an outsider. The equation between a man and his woman are good when both contribute to the relationship with sensitivity and sensibly.

Joke once in a while

Being smart also means to be humorous. Don\’t be too serious with life. When you are serious, it\’s boring. Believe me, women don\’t like their man to be boring. You are serious when its business! When you are working, you are serious. She understands that. However, when work is done and you are with her, then, break the silence by adding some fun into your life. I am not asking you to make your wife laugh! Be spontaneous.

The frowning lady

Here is an example; We were driving home after work. One man, overtook us from the wrong side and gave me a dirty look as if I was on the wrong side. My wife and I were both startled by his behaviour, but we were quick to let it pass. I continued driving and I turned into a street which we always take to reach home because it is less crowded. At this time of the day, we get to see a rather serious looking woman on a bicycle. She frowns upon anyone who travels in a 4-wheeler. So, my wife and I were driving on that street and we saw her cycling.

I practice selective amnesia which means, I choose not to remember what\’s unimportant. This includes the woman who was cycling at that time.

So, when we saw the woman, I spontaneously joked; If this woman stops me and accuses me saying; you were staring at me. I, with my memory loss would ask her; when? That would infuriate her even more. And we both burst out laughing. It was such a funny moment.

Sometimes, you are the funniest topic to discuss. Laugh at yourself. Being able to laugh at yourself shows that you are smart. That\’s the best way to keep your mood light. Unconsciously you will fill the air with love.

Don\’t look for feedback

You are foolish if you look for approval for your behaviour in your wife. Be yourself, but don\’t be unreal. Obsessed men always look for approval so they feel secure. Women are not happy with approval seeking men. When you are yourself, you are real. You are being natural. That\’s okay. Being serious is not being you. Sometimes, women like the feeling of being around you and enjoy the moment. Women feel more sensuous when they\’re around their smart man. Seeking approval of any kind can turn them off.

In conclusion

I don\’t what to overwhelm you with overloaded instructions. Observe yourself outside of home. Observe yourself, the strong and smart decision maker. See how many people appreciate you for the decisions you take, for your smartness and wit. You just need to be that self with your wife. It\’s that simple. Just that, don\’t try to make her happy. Be happy and she\’ll be happy too. You just remember that women feel more sensuous when their man is smart.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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