7 steps to cure chronic Asthma

Bangalore has one of the highest number of asthma patients in the country. Bangalore is also referred to as the asthma capital of the country. At least 25 percent of the population are reported to have suffered from asthma in the city each year. The primary cause of the condition is psycho-physiological. In most conditions asthma is psycho-somatic. It is known that the more emotional you are or the more hurt you feel and suppress your emotions, the greater your chance of getting an asthma attack. Furthermore, the number of children who are affected by asthma is increasing in Bangalore. Asthma Treatment through Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Yoga is simple and effective. Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Yoga therapies and treatments have produced promising results and children and adults have been cured of even acute and chronic asthma successfully.

The story of Rishi

Rishi was a boy of 11 years when his father brought him to my office to get a cure for his chronic Asthma condition. Rishi\’s father told me that when Rishi was on medication, everything seemed fine but, when medicines were withdrawn, Rishi\’s symptoms returned and sometimes even aggravated.

The diagnosis

I performed Rishi\’s pulse diagnosis and realised that his was an emotional problem more and less of a physical one. Through pulse diagnosis, I could tell that something had happened at school. Such in-depth information is available through pulse diagnosis that, it can make your jaw drop. So, after pulse diagnosis, I asked Rishi; What happened at school? Rishi asked me a counter question; How did you know? The bond that developed between us made all the difference. He was happy that he felt understood and not judged.

The root cause of asthma varies from person to person

Rishi had had an experience at school which left him feeling guilty. His guilt had surfaced from being reprimanded in his class in front of all his fellow classmates. Rishi had developed a fear of being judged. His self esteem had crashed. He had begun to feel that he was good for nothing. Rishi\’s thoughts centred around what others thought of him. His physical health had taken a heavy blow. It was difficult for him to look at anyone in the eye. He felt so ashamed and shaken that he would get an asthma attack once every 15 days. He would then be admitted in a hospital with a chronic asthmatic condition. doctors had to put him on nebuisation and at times even on oxygen.

Rishi\’s parents were very cooperative with him and counselled him. But, Rishi\’s fear was too strong for him to stop himself from feeling a victim of reprimand at school.

The Treatment

My treatment began with Rishi. I always work with the attitude of a person first. From my experience of working with literally thousands of people, I have come to the conclusion that the symptom begins first when behaviour and attitude of a person changes or is influenced by an event or even the environment. The body then becomes susceptible to an acute or chronic health conditions which shows up in the body and in this case as Asthma.

So, I first suggested that he do a therapy called Free Form Writing. This therapy helps flush out thoughts and relieves the mind of thoughts for a few hours. I followed up with several other therapies to get his mind to focus on specific tasks so that it does not run wild with thoughts that produce anxiety. I also introduced to Rishi Yogic practices of Surya Namaskara, Marma Chikitsa, Mudras to sit straight and chanting Gayatri Mantra. This combination worked and Rishi became better and Rishi stopped having asthma attacks.

There was one other thing I suggested to Rishi which calmed him down quickly. It actually slowed down Rishi\’s brain. Rishi was able to think clearly. He was able to articulate better. I taught Rishi a type of meditation that helped him feel better. The fog in his mind cleared with this technique. This, I believe, cured Rishi completely and in the last 9 years, has not had asthma at all.

The 7 steps to cure chronic Asthma

I am sharing with you what I did with Rishi so that you too can benefit from this therapy. This therapy can be practiced by anyone who has asthma attacks. Don\’t practice this when you have an attack. Instead, practice these steps so you don\’t have an asthma attack.

  1. Pulse Diagnosis – This Ayurvedic diagnostic technique helps find out the root cause of Asthma. I suggest this to be the first step. Once diagnosis is done, therapies and treatments are planned according the individual\’s need. Here I have include a few therapies and treatments.
  2. Practice Free Form Writing. This really helps free the mind. It\’s defogging and de-freezing.
  3. People with asthma have a weak disgetsve metabolism. So, keep your meals light and eat vegetarian.
  4. Every night before getting into the bed, sit with your parents or friends and discuss all the good things that happened today. Sow seeds of goodness before you go to sleep. They will sprout overnight and you will for sure have good experiences beginning the very next day.
  5. Listen to your own voice while you are speaking to someone. This practice calms the mind. Anxiety can trigger an asthma attack.
  6. Get Marma Chikitsa done – This is a fantastic therapy to cure even acute and chronic asthma almost instantly. It also cures sleep disorders and reduces anxiety. Marma Chikitsa is also used to cure snoring, heart problems and several other symptoms.
  7. Therapeutic Yoga practices specifically designed for a person with Chronic asthma can produce wonderful results.

In Conclusion

I have treated scores of asthma cases in children as young as 10 months old to adolescents and adults. It is easier to cure children because they are more ready to accept a therapy or treatment. Adults approach the therapy or treatment with more doubt and apprehension making my work that much more challenging.

Chronic Asthma, in most cases, is curable through a combination therapy and treatment with Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Yoga, even when you are taking anti-histamine and steroids to control your symptoms.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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