The lockdown has brought in undesired suffering to many and yet, it has brought to us a cleaner and quieter world. But, what will happen to this city at the end of lockdown? We don\’t want to live in ghost town do we?

The fundamental elements required for us and all life forms to survive are pure air, clean water and healthy soil. With this lockdown, it seems as if #nature employed someone to do just that. Now our waters are cleaner than ever, our soil is untouched and it’s repairing itself. And the air pollution is lowest in 3 decades.

With the lockdown ending soon, are we going back on our ways to restore the filth into our natural resources? Or are we going to explore cleaner ways of surviving? This is the time to think and come up with solutions. What will happen to this city at the end of lockdown depends on what thoughts and actions we behold?

We now need factories that don’t pollute our air, water our soil. May be we have to give up so many luxuries including some of the ones we own now. What will happen to this city at the end of lockdown is dependent on how we wish to live here and onwards.

We need to discover newer ways of doing things the way our ancestors did.

What will happen to this city at the end of lockdown?

We’ve come far way, away from nature. We’ve brandished our ancestors as backward and crude, uncivilised people. Yes, when it comes to the basics of survival, they beat us hollow. I remember one meeting where a chemistry professor was questioning me in a sarcastic manner, what have Indians invented? The farthest we have gone is the use of plantain leaves to eat food.

Think about our ancestors for a moment. The British discovered in early 19th century that we were doing cataract surgeries. No where else in the world were eye surgeries performed. Its not that our ancestors did not know. They respected nature. Now is the time for us to learn to respect nature.

Survival is the reason why we do everything that we do. And have we forgotten to survive? If we need to survive, we have a choice to learn to respect nature. Or else, we will be in line as a critically endangered species someday.

Think, reflect, let’s all come up with ideas that are harmonious with nature. It’s not enough if we call ourselves friends of nature. We need to do what friends do.

We need your support for your survival. Let’s wake up before the next wave like this COVID 2019-2020. This time we survived. The next time might be our last.

Let’s act together

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy, Ph.D

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