The countdown can trigger the mind to overcome fears

Waking up children can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents. On school days, there are many threats looming large on children heads. These threats include being marked absent, giving a leave letter to the teacher, incomplete homework, missing classes and so on. The list is long. However, on weekends, there is nothing threatening except the shouting and screaming from parents. Parents just want their children to wake up early. Left to themselves they sleep 0n and on to no end. We found a method of waking them up without stressing ourselves. I call it-The countdown method. However, the countdown is not limited to children. I use it on adults too so that they can overcome their fears, especially on stage.

Shobha was present at one of my Marma Chikitsa Foundation Courses. When the course finished, I sought her feedback. She told me that she was camera shy and did not know what to speak. So, I thought of using the countdown method on her. I thrust the mic into her hands and the camera was rolling. Then, I began the countdown from 5 to 1. And when the count was 1, she began speaking. Then, there was another lady, who also said she did not know what to speak. The countdown method simply worked.

What is this countdown method?

There are two ways the mind can be used – When you are calm and, when you are stressed. Though it is easier to use the mind when you are calm, we are more often taught to use it when we are in a challenging situation. This attitude of act when under stress is a trigger which is almost always used. So, we can get people to act under stress much easier than, when they are calm. The countdown method is a stress trigger.

My wife tries to wake up our children. When she doesn\’t succeed, she calls me to help. All I do is give them a countdown to get them out of bed. It\’s usually 5 to 1. By the time it comes to one, the children are in the bathrooms brushing. I use it so many times in a day. The funny part is, though our children don\’t like it, they are not able to fight it. They just do what needs to be done.


Benefits of using the countdown method

The most important benefit that you get from using the countdown method at home specifically is that there is no shouting and screaming to wake your children up. Mothers can use this technique calmly and get the same or even better results that they get from shouting and screaming.

When you no longer wish to procrastinate and wish to change your life for the better, then the countdown method really works to your advantage. It helps you bring discipline into your time. Once you have the discipline in place, you can stop using it and stay disciplined.

Look all around you. Everything works on a countdown method. The traffic signal, the time left to pickup an offer, time left for sale to end, your induction cooker timer, the oven timer, so many hours to go before the offer expires and so on. Everything is programmed in the countdown method. So, the mind easily follows the countdown method.

In conclusion

Every act of transformation requires courage. Unless you have the determination to change, you will not move an inch. The countdown method is inspirational in its power to transform you. Give in to the countdown and you can surely overcome your fear. Try using the countdown method. You might just stop postponing and instead succeed in accomplishing what you have always dream to achieve.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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N K Khetarpaul
5 years ago

Nice dear

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