The 5 elements

Agni is the Fire that ignites and transforms

Do you get angry frequently? Do you get migraines when you don\’t eat your meals? Does sharp sounds, harsh sunlight, strong perfumes irritate you? Does your body emanate bad odour when you sweat? Your body may be containing more Agni. Increased Agni causes more Pitta in the body. It is fire that ignites and transforms everything. As Tejas, it also induces […]

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Akasha – The invisible element

Do you wonder why you feel lost at times? Have you felt a complete disarray for no reason? Do you go blank? Then you could be connecting to Akasha – The invisible element.

Everything around us and including our own  body, is made up of 5 elements. Akasha is the invisible element in this Universe. The Universe is filled with it. Any container or cavity is occupied by it. Akasha is space that fills emptiness. It is present outside as well as in all beings. It is the substratum of the Universe. A substratum is the foundation or basis of something. Without a substratum, there can be nothing.

Why is Akasha so important?

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