Natural ways to increase Immunity

Immunity during seasonal changes must be given prime importance. It is during the change of seasons that illnesses manifest and spread rapidly. Chaitra Month falls is Vasanta Ritu or the Spring Season. Every season has its pros and cons. This is the time of flowering and of new leaves. Vasanta ritu, the season when Vayu and Prithvi Mahabhoota are high. In other words, Vata and Kapha are elevated and Agni is low. Vasanta Ritu is a season when digestion is slow and immunity is low. Hence, it is common sense to focus on natural ways to increase immunity.

When we look at the Doshas in the human body, Vata Kapha is the most difficult to balance. Therefore, this is the season when respiratory and digestive illnesses aggravate. When Agni is low, healing takes longer. So, the best bet is to maintain a healthy body and not aim to cure illnesses.

Maintaining one\’s health is possible with appropriate diets and lifestyle modifications.

Natural ways to increase immunity

\"MilletsFood is the best form of medicine. During this season, eat easily digestible foods. Old Barley, Wheat, old rice and millets are preferred.

The approximate time is from mid-March to mid-May. This season is considered as season of flowering and origin of new leaves. Predominant Rasa (taste) and Mahabhuta (one of the five elements) during this season are Kashaya (astringent), Prithvi and Vayu, respectively. Strength of the person remains in medium degree, vitiation of Kapha Dosha occurs and Agni remains in low.

Diet Regimen


One should take easily digestible foods. Among cereals, old barley, wheat, rice, and others are preferred. Masoor dal is preferred in this season as it is easily digestible. Food items that have a bitter (Tikta), pungent (Katu), and astringent (Kashaya) are best during this season. It is preferable to include Honey in your diet. Basically, digestion must be light.

Avoid fried foods and do not consume difficult to digest foods. Avoid foods that are cold, refrigerated and cooled. Also avoid foods  that are viscous such as sweet gravy and kheer or payaam. Avoid milk, butter, cheese and also avoid sour foods such as curds.New grains also must be completely avoided. These come under the category of Sheeta (cold), Snigdha (viscous), Guru (heavy, Amla (sour) and Madhura (sweet).


\"OilWake up before sunrise. Bathe with warm water. Exercise can be begun during Vasanta Ritu. Massages can be done gently. Pressure must not be applied on the body while massaging as it may push the doshas deeper. Vamana or vomiting with mils saline water is recommended during spring season or Vasanta Ritu. Putting 1 drop sesame oil, ghee or Anu Tailam in nostrils is recommended during this season. Avoid sleeping during the day because digestion which is already low in this season can get worse.

Healthy Home

During this period when the family is locked in the confines of four walls, it is necessary to maintain peace and calm at home. To make this happen, reduce watching television, reduce gadgets to a bare minimum unless it is your work! Increase board games, learn something you always kept postponing due to lack of time on hand. Attend online trainings and apply these trainings to enhance your knowledge. Fall back into happiness. Let there be love in the family.


It is always easier to maintain immunity rather than cure an illness at this time. Its better to be safe than sorry. It is also important to maintain a healthy relationship at home so that home atmosphere is harmonious.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Gopal Krishna Das
8 months ago

Excellent ! the way you have shared the knowledge over the subject is really something different from others.thank you

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Reply to  Gopal Krishna Das
7 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback.

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