You can live without conflicts

Being happy at home can sometimes be a great challenge. We all often need a breath of fresh air in the form of a lighter moment, where we can relax and laugh with our family members. Who wouldn’t like that, right! Wouldn\’t you like to know how you can live without conflicts?

I have been following something very simple which can help you live happily in your family all the time. And I wish to share it with you today.

Sometimes, the basic necessities of life can become a huge challenge which we simply cannot access. Conflicts, arguments and even a Cold War between family members has become more common.

You can live without conflicts but, very few people actually try to look at what causes conflicts. Instead, they just want to put a full stop. And the best way is to raise your voice to a decibel which will force the opponent to shut up or to simply walk away.

I am reminded of an incident when a lady came to me for consultation. She mentioned to me that her husband had stopped speaking to her and he persisted with his silent for 12 years. He died without ever speaking with her ever again.

Happiness is a choice, they say! And I too have discovered this truth. I am responsible for my happiness in my home, work, actually everywhere.

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We all have heard of the word impression. We also remember and learnt to apply the phrase “First impression is the best impression”. However, no one told us how to take it forward.

This is the reason why relationships fail.

What you can do so that you can live without conflicts!

Here is what you have to do. Remember the first time you met someone. It could be today also. How do you introduce yourself? Are you being polite? Or are you arrogant, huffing, puffing and angry? Do you advertise your hurt feelings? Your sorrows and fears? I don’t think so! You are polite, right? It’s only when you familiarise with the person that you begin to open your chapters. You don’t do it in the first instance, correct?

This is the key. You need to create your best impression which your folks at home every morning and carry on. When you don’t get tired creating your impression with so many people everyday, you won’t get tired creating your impression for your own folks at home!

The Reason that conflicts exist

Now, here is the reason you need to do it everyday. The first time I meet someone, I will impress upon that person with my best attitude, best behaviour. Once the introduction is over, there is familiarity building with more conversations and exchange of thoughts, feelings and other forms of interaction.

With family members, it’s different. You impress upon your family members as a kid. Thereafter, you are in, for the rest of your life, literally. No need of familiarity building exercises. Nothing is required. You are taken for granted. You exist, period. This is where the problem begins.

No one cares about you. They do… but, they don’t need to show! I trust you get the point! But, you need the care because, it feels good. I feel good!

This is the reason I need to create my impression everyday, so that I get the care that I deserve.

So, today, go ahead and create that impression with your family members and pamper yourself with the care. Have a happy day! Remember! You can live without conflicts.

And before I go, I want to tell you, my next video on the coming Tuesday will be on expectation.

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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