Karma is the greatest teacher

Karma is the greatest teacher. It helps us realise many truths of life. Let me share one such story which helps us learn some necessary truths about healing.

In a kingdom somewhere in India, lived a sage. The sage had an ashram and a hut to himself, provided by the king, just as he had requested. The sage had taken up the task of sharing wisdom with the king as well as, delivering discourses on the lord with groups of people only to transform their attitude and blossom love in their hearts. He also had a peculiar habit. Everything he touched, he would make them come to life and speak with them about God. He would also bring dead plants and trees to life and talk to them about God.

A few weeks passed, when the minister of the king noticed that the sage hadn’t paid his weekly visit to the king to share his wisdom. So, he shared his concern with the King. A messenger was ordered to visit the sage. When he entered the sage’s hut, he found the sage unwell. The sage told him that, karma is the greatest teacher and it was at its play and that, it would take several weeks before he can be well again. The messenger did not understand the sage’s words, nevertheless, carried the words back to the king.


Without wait, the King’s chief physician was summoned and he was asked to heal the sage. The chief physician arrived at the sage’s hut and performs his Nadi Pariksha, and gives him some herbs. The sage, even in his ill health, infuses life into these herbs and asks them; Can you heal me!

The herbs say; no! I can’t. The sage then, put the herbs in his small attic. The physician, observed this drama and realised the he couldn’t do anything beyond this and returns to the king and shares his concerns with the King.

The physician’s inability to heal the sage caught wind. People got to know. Taking this opportunity, other physicians in the kingdom, who were waiting for a praise from the king, wanted to heal the sage. So, they too came with their medicines and herbs. The sage would infuse life into each of the herbs and medicines and ask them; can you heal me? And every time, the herbs would utter; No, I can’t, and he would put the herbs in his small attic. Slowly, the attic filled and there was very little space for other things.

A boatman, who often ferried the sage across the river, also got to know about the sage’s ill-health. He too plucked some herbs on the way and brought it to the sage and, after paying his respects, offered the leaves to him saying, these may heal you. The sage accepted the herbs from the boatman with a smile and infused life into the them and asked; can you heal me? And the herbs said; yes, I can. The herbs had just about finished talking when all the herbs spoke from the attic; I too can heal you, I too can heal you.

The boatman was alarmed and shared this story with the people he met, and it was not long before the King’s physician took interest upon what he had heard and visited the sage.

The sage, now, hale and hearty, welcomed the physician. Upon asking the sage, he mentioned; Karma is the greatest teacher. When you have karmic baggage, the body will burn. It cannot heal with even the best medicines. One must wait until karma is finished.

This is true. When karma is burning, one must wait. All medicines will only provide topical relief. The body will heal only after karma is finished.

Karma is the Greatest Teacher

I too have experienced such events in my work. A lady of Chinese origin came to my office with excruciating fissure pain. I performed her Nadi Pariksha and suggested a medicated oil. She used it for 2 days and called me saying that 80% of her fissure had healed. However, she mentioned that before coming to me, she had visited an 85 years old ayurvedic physician and his medicines had no effect on her. So, she had called him after getting relief. The old physician, upon listening to her question of why she hadn’t prescribed this specific medicine said that, he had not remembered to prescribe this medicine to her.

It was not his fault. It was her karma which was burning that had prevented the physician from remembering the name of this specific medicine.

So, the next time you are unwell, remember this; Karma is the greatest teacher. Even the best doctor can only provide a topical relief.

With Nadi Pariksha or Doot Nadi Pariksha, one can tell you whether your karma is at play. Don\’t wait for Karma to burn out your life! You\’ll have to wait for it to extinguish for you to heal. Take action now.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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