Is leaving kids with gadgets safe?

When a parent comes with her kid to my office for a consultation, often, the kid is asked to engage itself mostly with a phone and rarely with a tablet. Is leaving kids with gadgets safe? Most parents think it is. Well! we all have some knowledge about what these gadgets can do to us. Do you really know how dangerous it is for kids? Watch the video below and you will know.

Here is a boy who has landed in a hospital with facial seizures after excessive gadget use. Do you want this for your child?

Why are kids so addicted to gadgets?

You will be shocked to know this truth. Most kids are addicted to gadgets only because their parents are. This is the truth. Any sensible parent will not allow their children to play with their mobile phones. There is no such thing as play for some time and play for a longer time. Just don\’t give it to them.

Be loving but be firm

It is true that you love your kids. And kids believe, when you love them, you will do anything for them. This is where you need to exercise restraint, caution and use your discernment. Be firm with kids. They do not know what is good for them and what isn\’t.

Kids who are already addicted to gadgets need to weaned off fast. There is no such thing as doing it slowly. Stop it now. Kids will protest for 3 – 5 days. Keep them engaged with something sensible and meaningful such as drawing, outings, exercise, outdoor or indoor games. Anything, but mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. After 5 days, they will be fine.

Mobile games destroy mental focus

Did you know that kids who play mobile games have lesser focus than kids who don\’t play games? This is true. And as they grow, they will indulge more into what keeps them engaged, rather than keeping themselves engaged wilfully and meaningfully. Kids who lose their ability to focus are merely likely to become bad decision makers. Their thoughts are random, erratic and uncontrolled.

Build Focus

It is important to build focus in kids because of the threats such habits bring in kids. One of the best ways to being is to start with the parents. Parents need to stop indulging in mobile phones and spend more time engaging with the kids. Merely being present at home doesn\’t do any good. Wilful Engagement is a must if you want your kids to turn out to be successful in their life.

The easiest way to build focus is to begin observing everything without judgment or prejudice for just about 12 seconds. Yes, you read it right. Start by observing simply for 12 seconds. What do you observe? Well, you can begin observing the first digit of your thumb for 12 seconds. This is a technique to stop the mind now. With repetitive practice, your mind will slow down.

Once you have done, teach it to your kids. This is an emergency step that you need to take.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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