Pulse Diagnosis

What is Pulse Diagnosis?

Pulse Diagnosis is ancient as time itself. It is said that Nandi, the Gana of Siva, taught Pulse Diagnosis to Ravana. Ravana practiced it and became proficient in pulse diagnosis and so it was called Ravana Nadi. Along with Ravana, there were a few others who also practiced pulse diagnosis. They were Rishi Kanada, Lord Dattatreya who is considered an aspect of Siva and several others. Pulse diagnosis is a science. When you get your pulse diagnosis done, a doctor can diagnose your overall health using pulse diagnosis by analysing Prana that is flowing through your body. This includes your physical, mental, emotional and psychological health. Patients can save money on medical diagnosis and investigations that are prescribed, which may be over and above what is actually required.

When you get your pulse diagnosis, a doctor who has mastered pulse diagnosis can tell what is happening in which organ and what disease your body has produced and what diseases will come in the future and that practitioner can also tell you what you can do to avoid them.

How this article came about!

I visited my relatives today after a long time. They were enquiring about my wellbeing. I had just about recovered from a serious illness which had literally crippled my life and had confined me to my bed for a good two weeks.

Now, I am on the path of recovery with the help of Ayurvedic medicines.

So, As I was speaking to my relatives, the topic of pulse diagnosis arose. They told me how their family doctor, an allopath, in their earlier years, were checking the pulse and telling them what their problem was!

It reminded me of my own time as a child with my family physician. He would check my pulse and tell my father what my problem was.

Where has all that wealth of knowledge gone in such a short span? Is it modern technological gadgets that have killed it? What just happened?

Hunger for knowledge is no longer the key for survival. Knowledge with a purpose – to invest more and make even more money – is the key to survival. Economise on time and increase per hour revenue inflow, is the principle they work on.

Doctors no longer listen to their patients. My relative was telling me today how, when she approached the orthopaedic with her knee pain, he listened to her for barely two minutes and after that, was continuously talking to someone else on the phone for over 20 minutes. And then, he spoke to her for two minutes and that was that. She said; I wanted to slap the doctor.

Such incidents are not new. Doctors need to give due respect to their clients. Clients come with the hope of recovery. Listening to them and their vows has a therapeutic effect on the patient.

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What are the reasons doctors don\’t practice pulse diagnosis?


There are two reasons why doctors don\’t practice pulse diagnosis;

Time with your patients

1. Doctors believe have to spend more time with patients. This means that they will earn less per hour. They have to work more number of hours to earn similar fees as any other allopathic doctor.

Wrong – Doctors with expertise earn more per hour than those whose expertise is limited because they did not invest time in learning advanced techniques of diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, using pulse diagnose, you can diagnose overall health of the patient. That way, as a patient when you come to get your pulse diagnosis done, you can save money on medical diagnosis and doctor can earn more revenue. It\’s a win-win situation that promotes a healthy doctor-patient relationship.

Are all modern medical test results accurate?

2. Doctors believe modern medical gadgets are more accurate and so there is no need to practice pulse diagnosis. In fact, I have heard from some of the people who are employed in the manufacture of such gadgets that measure and evaluate human tissue and produce results that, the results of these gadgets has an error ratio of 40%.

Wrong – Pulse diagnosis is accurate because it is a science. Doctors who learn pulse diagnosis from me have often given me a feedback on how they have been making use of pulse diagnosis to successfully diagnose the root cause of knee pains, back pains, brain tumours, heart and lung diseases, etc and have successfully treated them. It has also helped the doctors can earn more from each appointment when they practice pulse diagnosis. You must not forget the fact that patients can save money on medical diagnosis.

I have personally verified in several instances that there is indeed an issue with the accuracy of the results produced by modern medical gadgets. Experienced and veteran doctors don\’t entirely depend on such results. They do their independent evaluation based on their experience and then corroborate with modern gadget produced results.

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My experience with Pulse Diagnosis

I have personally seen cases where my clients\’ relatives have come back to tell me how machine aided diagnostics failed where as pulse diagnosis was the right choice.

A particular client came to me and wanted to check why she was losing weight. I diagnosed her as having cancerous growth in her peritoneum. When she went in for an ultrasound, the doctors cleared her as fit.

Subsequently, my client\’s daughter requested the doctors to scan the peritoneum and only then they were able to diagnose the cancerous growth.

More than often, doctors do not evaluate machine produced results properly resulting in error in writing the impression of the diagnosis. The errors are increasing with demand for quicker evaluation. This creates more pressure on the doctor who is in charge of writing the medical evaluation.

In conclusion, I wish to say that It is important to spend time with your client and do a thorough investigation with the help of pulse diagnosis and back it up with other tests, if required. The corroborated results will then result in a perfect diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis is a science. As a patient, when you get your pulse diagnosis done, a doctor can diagnose your overall health by analysing Prana that is flowing through your body. Therefore, the good old days of the family physician does play an important role in keeping the family healthy.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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