Cysts in Kidneys detected with Nadi Pariksha

A client came in yesterday after 4 years for a repeat consultation. The last time he had come, I had appraised him of his anger and mentioned to him that he could have serious consequences as a result of his anger. Anger causes several symptoms which include cirrhosis of the liver, cysts in kidneys, stones in kidneys and gall bladder, hyperacidity, acidic indigestion and so on.

This time, when I saw him, he had lost considerable body weight. his face did not show charm. He looked tired and worn out.

Nadi Pariksha that helps diagnose cysts in Kidneys


I checked his pulse and noticed several improvements from the last time’s readings. I make it a point to record and store all of my clients Nadi Pariksha diagnosis and evaluation for reference and study. However, there was one place which was different. His kidneys were not functioning properly.

I evaluated the diagnosis and came to the conclusion that his kidneys has cysts. His anger was still high. As a matter of fact, when he shared the scan report, it said renal cyst. Such is the accuracy of Nadi Pariksha.


The argument is not whether to use Nadi Pariksha instead of ultrasound. It’s about the accuracy of the science as well as it’s penetrability into the rural areas where an ultrasound machine cannot reach and in the cities where poor people cannot afford an expensive ultrasound diagnosis.

Furthermore, the evaluation pointed to the root cause of the symptom which can be evaluated only through Nadi Pariksha.

Nadi Pariksha as the fundamental tool to investigate the root cause of several symptom such as in this case, cysts in kidneys and several other symptoms, is unparalleled and stays unchallenged for thousands of years. Even the modern so-called machines that give you a machine analysis of Nadi Pariksha cannot come close to such investigative diagnosis and evaluation of the root cause of any symptom.

Now, we have opened up our doors to Learn Nadi Pariksha training for home users, therapists, yoga professionals and for doctors. The course offers hands on experience and is curated separately for each category. We urge you to


— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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