You think you won’t get cancer? Read this

You think you won\’t get cancer? Most people who take care of their physical health and think that they won\’t get cancer. Well! You need to know that cancer has almost nothing to do with your physical health. Cancer comes from how you treat yourself emotionally and how you use the mind. If your existence is primarily for a trivial purpose of fulfilling your personal commitments rather than living life itself, then would probably be attracting cancer.

A man of 35 years came to me for a consultation. The most amazing part of his life was that he is a high altitude runner. His physical health seemed to be amazing. And one requires determination and endurance to run in higher altitudes. I wondered, why would a person such as him wants a consultation from me! Well, it became evident after Nadi Pariksha. This 35 years of age person had cancer. And the reason I concluded after evaluating his diagnosis was his frustration at work. He mentioned to me that running was a diversion from his frustration. Now, imagine, if a healthy person such as this high altitude runner\’s body can get affected with cancer, what chances do you stand?

Off late, I am seeing at least one person with cancer everyday. And each of these evaluations point towards mental and emotional stress. And most of them are coming from the Silicon Valley\’s IT jobs.

You think you won\’t get cancer!

We all live and function with a motive. If I have to have you read this blog, there is a motive behind it. Most of us do not have the inspiration, which means, we are not living with enthusiasm. We are not living to our fullest potential. We are living for the mundane things that we create in our lives such as house, vehicle, moneys etc,. there\’s too much frustration out there in acquiring everything you want. This is what causes cancer.

What today\’s generation needs is not motives. They need inspiration. This young generation needs to learn to live to their fullest potential. They need to learn to live in-spirit. Today\’s generation lack inspiration.

Every infant is inspired. This means, every child is a living God or living in-spirit. They have no motive. Children have no direction or goal in life. They are living every moment to their fullest potential. You see children, they don\’t eat, and yet, they are full of energy.

How stressed are you!

Stress itself comes from doing. Human action can be an inspiration driven motive or from a personal or selfish motive. The motive for any action to take place is very essential. People who act with a selfish motive often work for money or personal gains. They don\’t bother about growth, success or losses to the company. They are only bothered about their gains.

Any motive that is personal or selfish also causes mental calm to get disturbed. People with selfish motives also are known to control others to gain results. This causes conflicts in their mind and hardens their soft hearts so that they can stay unaffected by others\’ suffering. Selfishness can cause cancer.

Then, there are others who do not take decisions and do not have a personal motive. They often get jobs in which they have to make their bosses happy. They also repeat similar actions in their personal lives. These are the causes of chronic and terminal illnesses to manifest. Your low self worth can cause cancer.

What you can do so that you won\’t get cancer!

Life is not about living without illness. Live is about inspiration. Inspiration is not a process. Inspiration means spontaneity, with awareness, compassion, love and with ingenuity. Each one of us was born in God. We lived as God until we learnt to live outside of our inspiration. We learnt techniques believing that others were showing us the way. Unfortunately, we learnt the inappropriate ways of living which, today, has taken you far away from yourself. This is what you can do to live inspired.

  1. Work with honesty and integrity –

    Though everyone will agree that we must work must be with honesty and integrity, most people are not working with integrity. When we put our intellect and emotions, thought and feeling into our actions as efforts, then, the results are bound to be excellent. However, these days, most people are not working to make a difference to world around them. They are selfish and they compromise their self worth to gain. They work with a motive to earn more money, get a home loan, vehicle loan, personal loan, etc,. The result is frustration and eventually cancer.

  2. Schedule your tasks –

    Your self worth will see to it that you schedule your tasks in such a way that you can clearly see what time is allotted where. You see your contributions clearly laid out. You intelligently invest your time everyday. When you operate with low self worth, you will seldom have a plan for the day. You will be enslaved by the mind. The result is frustration.

  3. Spend quality time with your family –

    Many of my clients who work from home tell me that they are available most of the time. How must of your time is invested in your family, apart from your gadgets? Being physically present isn\’t enough to keep your marriage and family happy. You need to engage with your family. Be in tune with your family members to listen, participate, share. That alone is investing time in your family. Health and happiness enhances from sharing.

  4. Wake up to life –

    When I ask people what do you wake up to every morning, I get very uninspiring answers. People wake up to prepare breakfast for their family, to walk their dog, to get ready to go to work and so on. Most people do not wake up to life. They wake up because some task is waiting for them. Wake up to happiness. Cancer happens when people wake up without inspiration or a motive to grow happily.

  5. Meditate everyday –

    Meditation enhances your awareness. With greater awareness, you will be able to observe and not indulge. You will be able to pull back when you are not required in a situation. There is tremendous mental, emotional and psychical maturation that happens with meditation.

  6. Be happy

    I put the most important one in the last. Happiness is why we begin any task. And when we do it happily, happiness expands. So, always be happy. Happy people are seldom sick. They only radiate happiness.

You can do a lot more to stay inspired such as practice forgiveness, flow writing to reduce mental and emotional stress and also experience gratitude everyday. This will keep you healthy.

Our bodies will go through the wear and tear everyday. However, bring value to this wear and tear by living life with love, service and joy. Offer the highest quality of service to all of creation. Only such a life is worth living.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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Parashuram Hallur
Parashuram Hallur
4 years ago

Dear Mahesh:
Everything you have written is hundred percent true, people do realize it very late in the life. Many of us need to make an effort to let people understand these reasons. I’ve personally seen many of my friends and their families going through trauma of cancer affected family member. It just eats of lot of energy, effort and money, as people dont know what actually needs to be done to come out this disease. Awareness is missing. The english medicine world has taken over and doing big business out of it. This needs to end!

It can end only when people get this awareness, many of us need to make bigger efforts to let mankind understand why something happens to them, its nowhere else, its within us, within themselves to root cause the problem and fix it.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Hi!

Shankar Prasad
Shankar Prasad
4 years ago

Very true Sir.Mind plays a huge role as you say !
But how to explain how Sri Rama Krishna paramahamda and Sri Ramana maharshi also had cancers

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