how to get healthcare service without money

How will it be if money was not the only mode of transaction. How would it be if we barter our services to something that will directly or indirectly benefit our life. We at Nadichikitsa are exploring Barter-A new way to transact that can answer the fundamental question; How to get healthcare service for free.

This is a dream that I had many years ago. I was thinking, when would that day come when we will not only charge money for our services! Instead, we will also look at barter as a means of transaction. 

Today, we’re happy and extremely grateful and satisfied the way it unfolded. 

Manju Patil was a software professional. He had to resign from his work due to neck pains. He then took interest in organic farming. 

Get your healthcare service without money

How to get healthcare service for free

Manju wrote an email to me mentioning that he has been ailing with cervical pains and he asked me; how I will treat his condition. He asked for elaborate details. He  had also left his mobile number in his email. So, I thought, the best way to respond to his email was to actually call him. 

When I spoke with Manju and explained how we begin with Nadi Pariksha and based on the investigation, diagnosis and evaluation, suggest treatments, Manju said that he needed our service, but he didn’t have a job for some months now. Besides, due to COVID, his stock of rice that he grew couldn’t be sold. So, instead of paying money, he was willing to barter with rice and a few other commodities. 

Work happily. Do not work for happiness

I was willing to try this new way of doing business. I asked Manju how much rice he was willing to barter! He told me what he was willing to trade for the service I was offering. 

Barter – a new way to transact

After my consultation, Manju told us what he had brought with him. We have bartered with 10 kilos of Rajamudi unpolished Rice, 1 kilo flax seeds, 1 kilo chia seeds which is his own brand. And a bottle of wild honey. 

We’re extremely thrilled. This is the first time we’re bartering our services with commodities. We made a video of it.

Money is not everything. I always tell people; Work happily. Do not work for happiness. 

Today, we were able to provide our services to someone who did not have money, but had commodities which he was willing to barter. 

If you feel inspired, share this blogpost. Make it viral so that people who cannot afford to pay can possibly think of barter as a new way to transact and still get healthcare service for free.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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