Celebrate Your Learnings

I am writing this blog post to share how important it is to not sulk when your plan goes off. Instead, you can celebrate your learnings.

The Plan

Recently, I planned my weekend to go hiking with a group of people. I wanted to invest time in my physical fitness as well as have some lone time with myself. It is always good to spend some time with yourself. My wife asked me if I would want to take our daughter along. She is a very enthusiastic child. Someone who likes to adventure with me. On my own, I asked my son if he would want to come along as well. He is a naughty 9 year old. He has always basked under our cuddling love and care. He is someone who is not exposed to life without luxury. So, the three of us were almost ready. Well! That leaves my wife behind. somewhere, I wanted this to be a family holiday.

My wife was making her own plans to go along with her relatives to visit her family temple. While we were to be away on Saturday night, she would be back the same evening and would have to spend the night alone, is what I thought.

How our plan went off

Her plan somehow did not seem to fit in my head. So, I asked my wife if she also would want to accompany us. My request sent her plan into disarray. Confused and irritated, she decided to drop her plan and come with us. However, she contacted her relatives and told them that they can still enjoy their holiday. They can use our vehicle with our driver.

This is where the surprise happened which caused us to celebrate our learnings.

While my wife was unhappy that she had to drop her plan of going with her relatives, we learnt that her relatives were not even interested in her plan. They just wanted someone to take them out. Now that the lead dropped off, the others also conveniently dropped their plan.

We ended up quarrelling and dropped our plan too. However, the brighter side of the story is below…

Celebrate Your Learnings

I learnt a few lessons and I am celebrating my learnings.

a. Never make your personal vacation a family vacation. The two can happen separately

b. Never make a plan and call relatives or friends. Call them first and then make a plan with them. That way everyone will enjoy.

Did you celebrate your learnings recently? Do share below.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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