The government of India yesterday announced that AYUSH doctors can now prescribe medication to prevent COVID-19. But, before you celebrate, read the rest of the sentence. AYUSH doctors, however, cannot and must not claim the medicine as a COVID Cure. This statement comes despite the fact that people who have taken Ayurvedic treatment have all healed. The ratio of Recovered to Succumbed is 100:0. Is the Government doing a AYUSH-KA-KA-Whoooosh?


When I was a kid, my parents and other elders who visited us would engage us in a magic trick. Here now, gone in jiffy. And they would use the term KA-KA-Whoooosh, meaning that the crow took it away. Looks like Modi\’s government is also doing this.

Being in India, with the governance of Modi, why are we witnessing this treatment with AYUSH? What for is the government reducing AYUSH to a toothless tiger? What then are we hankering about Make-For-India?

There is absolutely no sense and clarity in what the government is doing! Why ape the west when we have our own treasure chest?

We don’t want to import Ayurveda the way Yoga is being imported these days! Have you been to the International Yoga Conferences? So called western body contortionists calling themselves Yoga experts showcase their rubber bodies and the rest of us watch the albino bodies with our jaws gaping wide. Such is the pathetic state of Yoga.

Is this really the science?

Recently, I witnessed a Yoga-thon on the internet. A competition was on, in which a girl was challenged on how many times she can go down to her mat bending backwards and come back upright the same way. Is that Yoga? Patanjali, Gheranda, Vasishta Maharshi and others would be wondering about all that they had professed!

Now, will we see something like that in Ayurveda too? How to swallow a snake alive with its mouth stuffed with medicines, and it will go into your mouth and come out of your anus clearing your gut, without harming you.

Is Modi\’s government reducing Ayurveda and Yoga to the British era that mimics snake charmers?

What Ayurveda practitioners can do

The only way we can beat this is by giving up the modern medical diagnosis and embracing the methods that Ayurveda has prescribed which is the Ashta Sthana Pariksha that includes examination of stools, urine, tongue, Nadi Pariksha, Physical examination, Eye, Nail and examination of your skin. This is specific to each person and is far more accurate than the machine diagnosis which each one is subjected to and the loads of medicines each of our elders are swallow believing that they are journeying towards wellness.

Let me know what you think we must do as Indians to prevent a AYUSH-KA-KA-Whoooosh from happening.

Dr.Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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