Think Globally Act Locally

The world today is in a disastrous state. It is losing tree cover rapidly. Species are becoming extinct. Soil, air and water are already poisoned. And there is only one species which is responsible for all this – Us. Each one of us is responsible for this catastrophe that is bound to strike us sooner than later. Our blood oxygen is beginning to go low. If you have been having more frequent migraines, this could be the reason. Nutrients in foods are lesser than ever. If you are eating and are still tired, you know why. I believe you are not preparing to die! It is time for us to think globally and act locally. Stop felling trees – Stop contaminating waters – stop killing the soil – stop poisoning the air. This article is an attempt to infuse some sense into the arrogant human brain.

Think globally act locally – Tree Cover

Locally, it feels it won\’t harm much if we cut down one tree. We live in a world that is round. This means, what happens in the Amazon forest will also impact us directly or indirectly. We are seeing how arctic ice is melting and US is freezing. We had hail storm in Delhi that was so intense that it resembled the Spiti valley. Globally, we cannot afford to lose another tree. We have lost more tree cover than we can have for all species to survive. We are living through a catastrophe and people don\’t get it. The alarms have gone off and we are not ready to listen to it. Trees give oxygen. Oxygen depletion is the next big threat we are facing in the world. Already millions of fish in different parts of the world are dying due to low oxygen levels in water. phytoplankton which are the building blocks of life on earth are dying. Catastrophe is bound to strike.

Stop felling trees. Don\’t cut even one more tree in your part of the world. We are already in the low oxygen era. If blood oxygen any lower than what it is now, you will see people drop dead as they are walking.

Think globally act locally – Soil

Our soil is rich in minerals and salts. We consume minerals and salts through the vegetables we eat. Fertilisers are used in our soil to increase the yield so that more people can be fed with more produce in less square feet of land. This causes severe stress to soil and soil dies. That\’s right. Soil is alive with nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Soil is life. When soil dies, nutrients in soil dies. What we eat then cannot make us healthier. Dead soil results in land slides. Remember what happened in Kerala?

The world can produce enough for everyone\’s need. Don\’t abuse for your greed. People want to produce more and more of everything. Our economy works on the model of fear. It functions on the \”what if\” syndrome. It is self consuming. So, you always need more and more of everything. But, at what cost?

Trees play an important role in protecting and enriching soil. Stop felling trees.

Think globally act locally – Water

Water is life. Dharma-shastra (an ancient Indian text) elaborates on how we must live. It says, do not urinate in water and do not pass stools in water.

Where do you think all the water we urinate and we ease into goes? It goes into the oceans. We use harmful detergents to clean our toilets. Where does it all go? Our washing machines consume so much water in which caustic soda and other chemicals that are used to wash clothes. Where does it all go?

Recently, videos of plastic in oceans have been going viral. Did you also read that ground water is getting contaminated with plastic? What goes around comes around. All of us are paying the price for what a few people decided was good for everyone. And we, in our convenience never questioned their motives. We are equally responsible for this catastrophe.

Stop contaminating water. Use earth friendly materials to clean your house. Stop using plastic. Poisoning the world must STOP NOW.

Think globally act locally – Air

Several companies have come forward to provide \”clean air\” and \”healthy oxygen\” machines that you can install in your homes. Is it a cruel joke they are playing on us? The air is contaminated with the industries that produce all kinds of products that we consume. Is there a difference in the air that\’s inside the house and outside. Guys, it\’s air. It is the same air we breathe. How can you separate the air that\’s inside your house from the air that is outside the house? Air sustains life. We must do everything to stop poisoning the air.

Trees clean air. They breathe in harmful gases and give us oxygen. We don\’t need these machines more than we need tree cover. Instead of investing your money in buying these machines, put your money together and travel to places where people are regenerating forests. Your help is required there so that we can collectively stop poisoning life on earth.

Stop being selfish

The time has come for all of us to stop being selfish and be selfless and help in saving the world. All the species of the world, including us, are connected. If we lose species after species, we are losing the connection that can keep us alive. It\’s not about who\’s next. It is collective.

Let us stop being selfish. That time is very close when money will no longer be the transacting medium to stay healthy and wealthy. Water will become the next wealth. The one who has more water will be wealthier. Then, more money will be required to buy water. We will have wars to gain control over drinking water.

When all hell breaks loose, there are no winners. There will be no gainers. We all will lose.

The earth will require at least 300 years to regenerate itself considering that we will stop cutting trees now, stop poisoning waters and stop killing our soil. That means, In our time, we will only see it getting worse because, no one wants to stop.

This is not a campaign. This is a request to help ourselves. Collectively, we can make a difference. This is our last chance. I hope we make it. I hope our children will make it before us.

Wake up Man. You came here to experience life. Don\’t lose it.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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