Accurate diagnosis comforts a patient

When you walk into a clinic or a hospital to get your symptom cured, what do you expect? You expect an accurate diagnosis of your symptom first, right? Then, you expect medicine and treatment that will cure your symptom, isn\’t it? Patients are anxious and worried these days for two reasons. First reason is that the symptom has not been diagnosed. And secondly, the symptom is not getting cured. In most cases, patients do not get an accurate diagnosis. Do, doctors spend enough time understanding a patient\’s lifestyle and work stress? Do doctors try to get a holistic understanding of patient\’s condition?

Hospital visits did not lead to an accurate diagnosis

Roopa (name changed), a civil services officer came with a compliant of persistent cough. We diagnosed and investigated her health condition using Nadi Pariksha and mentioned to her the treatment to be given.

Roopa told us that she had this persistent cough that has not gone even after taking all kinds of treatment for over 3 months. Roopa had visited some of the prominent hospitals in Bangalore. All the hospitals were treating allergic bronchitis. Their treatment and medication had not cured her symptom. Her cough persisted.

How we do what we do

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient and authentic diagnostic practice of Ayurveda. The diagnosis, investigations and evaluation produce the most accurate diagnosis till ate.

When we share our diagnosis and investigations, we share the root cause of the symptom. This is a must do procedure at Nadichikitsa. We believe, accurate diagnosis is the first point in healing. A patient begins to feel at ease when the symptom and its genesis have been diagnosed and investigated thoroughly.

When we treat a patient, it is important and necessary that we suggest minimal medication and also address the mind and emotion. Thoughts and feelings can make or break a person\’s health. Therefore, we need to make sure that the patient feels relaxed, refreshed and renewed mentally and emotionally.

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How her persistent cough was diagnosed and treated

When we diagnosed Roopa\’s condition using Nadi Pariksha, we found that the reason for her persistent cough was incomplete bowel evacuation. Her stressed job was the reason for her condition to worsen. The doctors she had visited earlier did not investigate into her work and lifestyle. Work and lifestyle stress can influence the body to behave differently.

So, we began Roopa\’s treatment with herbal medicine to clear her bowels. These herbal medicine suited her condition. Within 3 days, her 3 month old persistent cough symptom was almost gone. The herbal medicine was continued for 6 more days and she was completely cured of her persistent cough.

In Conclusion

An accurate diagnosis can identify the root cause. Whether the symptom is pathological or lifestyle and work stress based, it needs to be treated. When the root cause is treated, the patient is cured. No further medicine will be required.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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