A motive to stay inspired

Do we all have a motive for survival? I am sure we all do! Some people\’s motive for survival could be to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Someone\’s else\’s motive could be to live in his own house. We all have a motive to live. But, what if your motive is not to survive but, you have a motive to stay inspired, to prove to yourself that nothing is impossible? What if you have to challenge the odds only because you\’re different? Self-Confidence sometimes can be difficult to surface, especially when you are faced with odds. But, some people never give up.

When I had passed out of school, I was barely 5\’5\” tall. I wanted this body to grow. So, I decided to learn basketball. The next day, I went to the basketball court near where I lived. I saw about 15 children younger than me, and two adults. They were the coaches. I decided to join. There was no formal joining procedure though! I just had to walk into the gathering and I was included to play on one side or the other. The basic rules were introduced to us. We were to learn to be smart in our game by playing it.

The Game Instructor

Titus was our game instructor. He also played with us, on either of the sides. Titus always stood at centre forward position. He was so good that, if anyone of us dribbled the ball towards him, we simply couldn\’t bypass him. He would block you no matter how many times you passed the ball to get it across the centre. If Titus got the ball, he would take 4 long leaps, that\’s right, 4 long leaps and dunk the ball into the basket. He would simply never give up.

Titus was not only a basketball player! We also accompanied him on trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering expeditions. Along with Titus was another tutor called Mahajan. He was a Punjabi and owned a store in which he sold microscopes. Both were equally good in their game, but there was something special about Titus.

A motive to stay inspired

Titus had only one leg. That makes him special. He never used a crutch when on court. He did not even have a prosthetic leg. And yet, he was able to play basketball better than any of us. Titus used a racing bicycle Hero Mach 10 and he raced cars. Hero Mach 10 was a famous racing cycle in our younger days. We did not have much traffic 32 years ago and that\’s how he would race cars. Titus had a motive to stay inspired. He exemplifies the phrase; Never give up. Titus, to me, is an example of self confidence.

He was featured in the last issue of the magazine called Illustrated weekly. I draw such inspiration from him. I quote to my clients who cry about life being unfair, my story of Titus which exemplifies the determination and motive to stay inspired and zeal of self confidence and ability to succeed despite all odds. Titus\’s motive is to live life inspired.

What you can do to have Self Confidence

I have put down a few bullet points about what you can do to improve your self confidence.

  • Wake up before Sunrise. This definitely is a booster. If you feel groggy, splash water on your face and wet your ears. This will instantly drive away any sleep that left in you.
  • Do your bed and tuck the sheets in neatly. Make your bed look 5-star.
  • Brush your teeth, answer nature\’s call and shower soon after. When you are ready for the day, you feel confident that you have more time available for you.
  • Dress up neatly. You must like the person you see in the mirror. Don\’t take that person for granted.
  • Have a light breakfast such as fruits. This keeps you light and active.
  • Schedule your day appropriately. Do not add more tasks than you can handle. If you haven\’t scheduled your tasks before, start modestly today. You can add more tasks when you know from experience that you can achieve more.
  • Own the tasks. Work like there is no tomorrow.
  • Take time offs to spend time in silence.
  • Eat when you are hungry. Never postpone taking care of your body unless you are in an emergency.
  • When you live every moment with yourself, through all the schedules you planned, your self confidence will fly high.


When you live with self confidence, your whole body cooperates with you. Life isn\’t easy for anyone but, for people like Titus, who live life with a motive to stay inspired, life becomes worth it. Staying inspired keeps you physically and emotionally healthy.

I still wish I could meet Titus some day to express gratitude for being such a motivation to people like me and scores of others who have known him through me.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

PS: You too share your real life experiences of how a motive to stay inspired and an attitude of never give up brushed against you and transformed your life. We will publish your articles in our website.

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