Work for a life or for a lifestyle?

People join a workforce in a company with the hope that their life will take an upturn on many fronts, especially on their financials. Many of our country’s population do need a desperate financial upgrade and the software industry has been a boon to the thirsty lot. However, most of the joiners do not have the maturity to ask themselves a basic question… work for life or for a lifestyle?
When I am called to address the workforce of an organization, I always ask this question to the audience; What is your vision? Does your vision align with the company’s vision? What are your goals and objectives? Do your goals and objectives align with the company’s goals and objectives?
Unfortunately, most of the time, the answer is silence. Either they don’t have an answer to my questions, or they are plain ignorant, working only for their monthly salary which funds their EMI’s.

Did you know?

My largest clientele is the IT sector employees. I have very few, probably a handful of people who really love the work they do. Except for the newbies, most of the employees, who have worked for about 4-5 years, no longer love their work. They are stuck on the payroll only to fund their EMI’s and their lifestyle.

Work for a living or for a lifestyle?

Work must come from passion. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth doing such work. Working without passion creates psychological, emotional, and physical stress. When you look back at the years you have invested, what do you see? Do you cherish your contributions? Or, do you see years of stress you left behind?
Many years ago, while I was working at an Ayurvedic Research Institute called FRLHT, a neighbor living four houses away from where I lived, visited this institute. He said that he was on an aimless drive. He was a software professional. When he looked at the serene landscape and the quaint buildings, he enquired with me whether he could get a role there. How frustrated must he have been that he is willing to jump out of his company? What was he working there for?
Your contribution must enrich many lives, not only yours. The rewards you get for your contributions are heaps of satisfaction, good sleep, and a great deal of gratitude.
The overall health index of corporate employees is showing a downward slope only because there is very little passion invested in work. People are working with the belief that when you work in a particular company, you will get a lot of money. It is true that you will get a handsome salary for the little or no experience they come with. However, there is no life forming out of that work.

Work and life

Honestly, when you work with passion, your life gets enriched. Else, you cannot be happy doing what you don’t love doing! Life must be about work, happiness, joy, celebration, and enrichment. When work doesn’t enrich you, nothing else will. The old saying; “Love what you do and do what you love” has much value in it. Does that mean that people who love their work don’t get stressed? Of course, they do. They experience positive stress which for a short time feels good, but, in the long run, can cause burnout.

Rejuvenating the body and mind

Ayurveda has various therapies and treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind. Some of these therapies and treatments are the most commonly heard term called Panchakarma. However, this treatment has a limitation. It cannot be done at all times. Then, there is the lesser-known therapy called Marma Chikitsa. This is a dry therapy that promises instant results and is also a life saver to many.
It is important to maintain your body and mind. After all, life happens, when you live it well.
— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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