angry girl standing with folded hands at nadichikitsa

Modern medical diagnosis says all ok but girl is unwell

A 12-year-old girl was brought by her parents because she experienced stiffness in her body. Her parents took her to several doctors, who performed tests and took scans. All reports were normal. Doctors were baffled because, modern medical diagnosis says all ok, but girl is unwell. Unaware of the cause they prescribed medications to treat the symptoms.

Despite the medications, the symptoms continued. Parents were clueless. Someone suggested they go to Nadichikitsa. So, the parents made an appointment for their daughter.

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy is a Nadi Viseshagnya (a person with knowledge of the Nadis). When he investigated the cause of her stiffness with the help of Nadi Pariksha, he realised that she often suppressed her anger. At first, he assumed the girl’s parents might be quarrelling before her. Upon enquiring with her parents, it turned out that they did not have such arguments.

Upon enquiring with the girl, it turned out that she was being bullied by her friends in her apartment. That made her angry. She did not retaliate and instead, suppressed the anger, and that caused her to become stiff.

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy says it is important to invest time with your clients to understand the root cause of the problem.

The parents were grateful that the root cause of their daughter’s health condition was identified. They are now progressing steadily towards getting her back to good health.

Ayurveda is not only about medicine. The most interesting part of this body of knowledge is its investigation methods, especially Nadi Pariksha, the most powerful yet delicate method of finding the root cause of any problem.

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy is an expert in Nadi Pariksha, Sutra Nadi Pariksha and Doot Nadi Pariksha.

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