He was psychologically wronged by his parents

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A set of parents brought their son to me for consultation. They told me that the boy has developed addictions to chocolate and television. They blamed him for not being attentive in studies. With the help of Nadi Pariksha and questioning, I realised that he was psychologically wronged by his parents.

This boy was brought by his parents for a consultation with the complaint that he was addicted to chocolates and television and was weak in studies. In fact, they told me that he was not even interested in studies. When I investigated, diagnosed and evaluated his physiological, psychological and emotional health through Nadi Pariksha, I discovered the past seeds to his present condition.

His younger days and its psychological impact on him

When the boy was young, his mother was torn between nurturing and nourishing the boy or go to work. She chose the latter. Guilt ridden, she pampered her son with chocolates and encouraged him to watch television so that he will be engaged by the gadget and not miss his mother. As he grew, it was too late for her to wean her son off chocolates and television.

So, she decided to blame him for his habits. The body was confused. His confusion of being pampered with chocolates before was now psychologically wronged by his parents. This scarred his personality and his attention weakened.

Chocolates coat the villi and microvilli in our small intestines blocking absorption of nutrients. This causes restless behaviour changes in children.

The television makes us believe that we are learning the shortest way while in reality, it is making us slaves of media. We lose our faculty of creative thinking and cognitive behaviour. It just makes us numb. The same happens when you play video games.

He was wronged by Medical Professionals too

What alarmed me was that none of the medical professionals thought of investigating into the past of this child and his growing up years as well as the role of his parents. Psychologists and psychiatrists termed him as having ADHD and some even wrote in their prescription that he was bipolar.

This child has been psychologically wronged by his parents and the medical professionals. His life hangs in a delicate balance of what his parents will choose to do about this. Will they choose to transform their ways? Will they change their behaviour and influence their son in a positive way? This still needs to be seen.

In the meanwhile, I am anticipating them to revisit me for the therapeutic remedies that will benefit them as well as their son.

I have a question for you – What would you do if you were a working parent? How would you raise your children?

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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