Fight COVID with Ayurveda

We are enquiring about your welfare. Trust you are keeping good health during this COVID-19 pandemic time! Well, you must have expected some communication from our side during the pandemic. So, here we are, with you, to help you fight COVID with Ayurveda.

We were overwhelmed with the number of messages communicating about which pranayama or mudra or even ayurvedic preparations were good to prevent COVID we did not want to add to that confusion. So, we decided to wait for a spacer so that our communication is heard.

Most of us don’t know much about COVID. All that we know is only what we have seen as well as heard from various forms of media. However, what we do know is that fear makes it worse.

So, stay strong. Stay healthy. We have for you, some simple and doable Ayurveda tips that we ourselves have been following which has kept us healthy. Come, let us learn how we can fight COVID with Ayurveda.


Protecting your Nostrils from COVID

Your nose is a touchy area from where the viruses enter your system. Protecting your nostrils are extremely important. Ayurveda prescribes certain natural and medicated oils to use as nasal drops, which help prevent viruses from entering your nasal orifices. Read more…

Protecting your Throat from COVID

Your throat is an integral part of your body that need protection. The easiest way to protect your throat is by gargling. There are two ways of doing this! Saltwater gargle and iodine solution gargle. Read more…

Eat right and stay healthy.

Eating right and correctly is very important to prepare your body to withstand any virus or bacteria. You can follow this simple principle – eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and sleep when sleepy. Let’s fight COVID with Ayurveda. Read more…

How much water is good for you

Water is essential for the body, and it helps flush toxins out from your blood through your lymphatic system. Without adequate water, your body cannot flush toxins out. What would happen if you consumed less water than what your body requires? Read more…

Stay Physically Active

Physical activity is necessary to help your body optimise the use of Prana. Your lungs breathe better when the body demands oxygen. Your muscles become healthier with exercise and Yoga, and they are the best ways to keep your organs healthy. Read more…

Stay Mentally Alert

Being confined to a physical space and access to electronic gadgets can leave you with many challenges to deal with. Mental health depends on the appropriate use of resources. The mind is the plane of awareness where thinking happens. Laugh more, be happy, be cheerful and light.  Read more…

Ayurveda has the cure.

In Ayurvedic science, specific medicines cure respiratory symptoms such as asthma, pneumonia and severe congestions, fevers, nasal congestion, and headaches. These medicines do not have side effects. An Ayurvedic vaidya can prescribe the proper medication for your condition along with correct dietary advice. Book Your Appointment Now.

Beat COVID as a Family

Being indoors is when we are face to face with our family members for the longest time ever when we can integrate with our family. While working, families were used to less face to face interactions and became comfortable with communication via WhatsApp and other forms of social media. So, restore love in your relationships. Spend time together to laugh at jokes, help in the kitchen, rearrange your wardrobe or even clear clutter that you have accumulated. Put your efforts together. That will give you an idea about how much effort goes into home activities. It builds respect for each other.

Bring life into your family environment. Let us fight COVID with Ayurveda together.

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chaitra murthy
chaitra murthy
3 years ago

This has come out at the right time sir! Thank you for taking time and putting this together .. am sure many will feel relieved after reading this just like I did

Surinder kaur
Surinder kaur
3 years ago

Thank you so much for very useful and helpful information at right time. We really need to help each other at this time.

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