Fast during solar eclipse

From when I was young, my grand mother as well as my parents always forced me to fast during solar eclipse. I really did not like the idea of fasting any day. I liked to eat. But, then, when I asked them for an explanation, they ignored my question and asked me to just follow what was being told to me. It seemed to be a very painful ordeal. But then, the mind wouldn’t settle and I probed for answers. 

In the beginning, I wasn’t serious about finding out answers. I would seek during the solar eclipse and soon, I would forget. As I get, I became a more serious researcher, wanting definite answers. And so, I researched.

The Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon falls on the sun. This is what we all learnt in school. But, what’s that got to do with me not getting food or even water to drink? It seems like a simple celestial phenomena right! Well, there’s more than what you can imagine.

When the moon’s shadow falls on the earth, it also dims the amount of light that falls on the earth. If you see nature, all birds are in a frenzy during this time. Plants go silent. Even wind stops. Every thing comes to a stop. Why?

Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric circulation, or the movement of air, is caused by the sun. The sun’s light and heat causes air to warm up and travel from the equator to the poles affecting the weather, climatic conditions and everything else.

So, when the Sun is eclipsed by the moon’s shadow, the amount of light and heat reduces causing the wind slow down and change direction. In fact, the direction of the wind too turns to circulate counter-clockwise. Read this research article.

If this is happening to the earth, likewise, the earthlings physical bodies also will experience changes right?

Fast During Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, due to the influence of the celestial activity on the human body, changes occur which disrupts digestion, absorption and assimilation. The body perceives this change in light and weather as a night time and all our internal organ begin to go into hibernation there by causing the foods in our gut to rot and produce toxins in the body. These toxins will circulate in the body for 35 days. You can read more about how your body digests food and how tissue formation happens in the body.

Animals have been found to display nighttime behaviour and even plants have been seen to assume nighttime positions during an eclipse. Even a spider removes its web during an eclipse.

How must you fast during Solar Eclipse?

During a solar eclipse, particularly this one on June 21, 2020, The eclipse begins at 10:12am and ends at 1:32pm. So, it is necessary that we do not leave anything in the gut at this time as it will produce toxins in the body. Hence, it is best to avoid eating or drinking anything at least 5 hours before the start of the eclipse. This means, do not eat anything from sunrise and until the eclipse is over.

What to do during solar eclipse?

It is best to fast during solar eclipse. That apart, it is best to keep the mind focused on something. It is best not to watch television. You may rather chant mantras or meditate. As the mind is influenced by Akasha and Vayu, it will experience the influence of these forces of nature. Hence, take precaution.

How to break your fast after solar eclipse?

Your body responds positively to the process of bathing. So, it is best to have a shower to cleanse the body and mind and refresh the organs. Thereafter, you can begin cooking your sumptuous lunch.

Protecting your raw veggies, pulses and cereals during an eclipse

From ancient times, the Durva grass is considered as a substance that can prevent planetary influences on the human body. Even during meditation, it is best to sit on a durva grass mat. You can put strands of this grass in the container of rice, dal, veggies and likewise all other spices, pulses, cereals and grains.

In Conclusion

Most papers call the Indian systems as myths and superstitions. Our traditions are not devoid of science. It is just that science hasn’t caught up. You can do better with following the guidelines as laid out by our ancient seers than sacrifice yourself for the sake of a science that is busy negating our esoteric sciences than do research on the effects of eclipse on the human body.

— Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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