Can’t meditate? Know how to silence the mind in an instant

Do you really want to know how to silence the mind in an instant? The mind is maya. Without mind there is no maya. Just you.  The mind entices you with your self-created thoughts, memories of experiences and your desires which you’ve created about what you want in the future.  The mind is like a […]

Your lungs can absorb more oxygen with this simple practice

What would you do if your room did not have windows and your lungs are craving for more oxygen? Very recently,  a client of mine went to Singapore on vacation. Before she left, she visited me seeking help to improve her digestion so that she can eat everything she wanted to and help her in […]

Better love your Job or this could happen to you

Love your job or this could happen to you. This post is a special. You will learn how you can; Steps to restore your health Keep your job and work happily Manage your investments so that you are not tied to a job you no longer like Seema (name changed) came into my office for […]

Superbugs to kill millions by 2050

Millions of people in Europe, North America and Australia will die from superbugs infections unless countries prioritise fighting the growing threat posed by bacteria immune to most known drugs, experts predicted Wednesday says a new research finding Read full article here. and India is catching up quickly to antibiotic overuse. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and […]

Have you been taking medicines for several years without much improvement

Have you been taking medicines for several years without much improvement and desperately want to get rid of them? There are chances that you are the one who has not taken responsibility for getting better. This might come as a shock to many. A lady named Poonam(name changed) came in for consultation. At first sight […]

Obesity is in your mind

Obesity treatment is a huge marketshare in the healthcare industry. I had a person walk into my office yesterday with an appointment and wanting treatment to get rid of his obesity. I am calling him Das. Das had gone to several places before but did not find a solution that helped him get rid of […]

Spontaneous Healing happened to him

Spontaneous healing is a happening. It has no human interference. I had the opportunity to witness one such healing in my office a few years ago. I knew a person called Mr. Govindarajan, a renowned car mechanic. He owned a garage. He was a humble and religious man. Mr. Govindarajan called me one day. He […]

Kidney stone? Here’s What you mustn’t do

Kidney stone is becoming a common occurrence. I remember way back, some 20 years ago. My wife was working in a diagnostic centre as an assistant to the cardiologist. One evening I was waiting for her to finish her duty so we could drive back home together. I was seated in the waiting area. My […]

Can you get my friend out of depression?

Can you get my friend out of depression? Asking this, Harsh was weeping one morning and his family had no clue what was going on. His mother enquired with Harsh. He said that his friend had suddenly changed. He said, Ankit has become quiet and withdrawn. He is not answering my calls nor is he […]

This is how our histories have become a myth

If you want to know how our histories have become a myth, here is something that will quench your thirst. I am in Ludhiana. This is the industrial capital of India. Some of the best industries are located in this City. It is also the land of great Indian food. Believe me… I am being treated […]

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