Do affirmations really work?

Affirmations have taken centerstage in people\’s lives especially after the book titled \”The Secret\” was released. However, there are also scores of people who have shared with me, why affirmations don\’t work for them. I have helped scores of people and taught them how they can make their affirmations work. So, for those who are pondering over this question; \”Do affirmations really work?\” Here are some tips you can use to not only make your affirmations work, but also to watch your affirmations come to life.

What are affirmations?

According to Louise L Hay; An affirmation opens the door. It\’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you\’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility.

I believe that an affirmation is a practice to remind yourself that you need to practice what you affirm so that you will find a way to create what you have been waiting to have in your life. This could be happiness, peace, abundance, etc,.

What is not an affirmation?

This is where most people are stuck. They practice something which is not an affirmation. An affirmation is not a statement to convince yourself that you are, for example; happy, alive and abundant.

My recent experience with abundance

I was selected by Minnku Buttar, a spiritual colleague, to be a part of a plenary to speak as a co-panelist at WEF (Women Economic Forum), that happened in New Delhi in the second week of April. I did not have the slightest clue about why me! Nevertheless, I agreed. When I arrived in New Delhi, I hired a cab to take me to a hotel near the airport so that I can get some rest. That rest was sort of disturbed because the mind was busy with what was coming. I was nervous because of the distinguished audience before whom I was to speak. I reached the venue, Taj Vivanta, Dwarka by 11:00am. Preparation for the plenary in which I was participating took most of the time.

The plenary began at 4:45 sharp. My talk was on Nadi Pariksha and how you can identify the misalignments in the body and mind to find out symptoms in the mind and body and remedy it. We were all relieved that the plenary turned out well.

The best part comes now. The moment I got down from the Dias, an elderly gentleman approached me. He introduced himself as Vinay Rai. He walked me to a dining area and we spoke about my work. This was coming from a space of abundance flowing in the pathways created by the way I choose to live. Sri Vinay Rai asked me where I\’d be staying. I told him that I intended to go to the airport and check myself into a lounge hotel. He instead checked me into a suite in Taj. I spent the night peacefully and took the Taj taxi to the airport.

Abundance flows into the pathways you create which are made by the way you choose to live. – Mahesh Krishnamurthy

How you can make your affirmations work

Affirmations are all about putting to action your intention. That\’s the secret. Let me give you an example; If you want a holiday in Auli, you need to go work. Simply dreaming about Auli and creating a vision board of Auli will not help. You need to make use of every second which is your opportunity to make your holiday happen. This is how you will watch your affirmations come to life.

Building your self respect, self worth and self confidence plays a big big role in making your affirmation come to life. Click on the links to know how you can raise the.

The experts speak of co-creation and that the Universe backs you. Have you read the book, \”The secret?\” What does it exactly mean! When you put your physical, mental and emotional effort, and keep your thoughts and feelings tight and upright, your intention on the holiday and your mind focussed in the now moment, you will manifest that holiday.

Seems like a tough job? Not at all. Begin with the intention. Write it down. Then, create your strategy. Write down your action steps. Act on them, one by one. Work towards your intention, one step at a time. That\’s the way to bring your affirmation to life. Continuity is the key. Keep it going. You will watch your affirmations come to life. Don\’t stop when your goal is accomplished. When your goal is accomplished, you realise that you can do it. Now, create your life\’s vision. This is indeed the secret I have spilled out for you.

Now, go get your dream.

— Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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5 years ago

I fully agree Mahesh with what you have said. Nice and valuable blog.

Nagashree V
Nagashree V
5 years ago

I read it on and on and bringing it to practice… slowly but surely…. have a long way to go…. positive vibes help…

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