Very recently, a client of mine planned her holiday to Singapore. Before she left, she visited me seeking help to improve her digestion so that she can eat everything she wanted to and asked me to help her in a way that she’d not have any symptoms after she had satisfied her taste buds. It was a rather unusual request. Well, I helped her with Marmayoga Chikitsa, a process to help harmonise flow of Prana
Foreigners come to India for tourism of 3 kinds… Medical, Healthcare and Wellness. #Medicaltourism has to do mainly with modern medical hospitals offering globally comparative low cost medical treatment and facility. #Healthcare and #Wellness Tourism are main attractions of alternative medicine such as Ayurveda. With #Ayurveda centres opening worldwide, what is it India can offer that is native and traditional. And that is #NadiPariksha. Chinese and Tibetan medicine practitioners have scored an edge with their
A previous client of mine brought with him his brother-in-law for consultation. I performed his Nadi Pariksha (The Sacred Science of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis). I found that he had indigestion. This means he wasn’t able to pass stools after he woke up. Further, there are several associated symptoms that symptom creates, such as palpitations, lethargy, boredom, fullness of mind, etc,. I explained to him what led him to be the way he is. I explained
She had suffered a severe bout of migraine. A friend of her’s, who had just called her realised something was wrong and directed her call my office and schedule a consultation. When she walked in, I saw a very fit and trim woman introduce herself. She was an avid golfer and a marathoner. She’d never had a migraine before and when it occurred, she didn’t know what was happening to her. Her vision went blur
The other day, a principal of a reputed school called me seeking help for one of her students, a boy of 13 years. She said the boy’s parents were crying for help and that they were sitting in front of her. So, I slotted an appointment for them to come and see me the same afternoon. The family came in. As usual the boy’s parents began complaining how their son was absenting himself from school.


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