Sound healing


Includes Physical | Emotional | Soul Healing

Sound Healing is one of the most potent ways to heal. From ancient times, Indians have been using Vedic chants as a means of healing. In fact, Musical Ragas are also known to be healing. The resonating vibrations of the healing bowls heal your body at the deepest levels. The temple gong, blowing the conch, and beating of drums are all ways to change the vibration of the surrounding environment and promote healing of the body.

The Tibetan Bowls are yet another way of enhancing vibrations of the trillions of cells in your body at a healing frequency.

At Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd., Sudha G. Rao offers this Service. She is pure at heart and a natural healer. Her heart directs the Healing to her clients in a specific way that makes even the most restless person relax and experience calm in their first session.

Sound Healing is offered in our soundproof healing room so that you can experience and benefit to the maximum from this therapy.

How does it happen?

Sound HealingSound healing is suggested to you when your cells need immediate healing and when your existential vibrations need a reset. When you come with your appointment, you are taken into our special sound proof room where healing happens at its best. A special therapeutic bed invites you to sleep comfortably.

Your senses are soothed with T-lights. Sudha G. Rao, our expert Sound Healer has intuitive knowing about your energies as she takes you through a 45 minute intensely relaxing therapeutic session.

Your session can be further intensified with Marma Chikitsa. All sessions are offered only on need as assessed through Nadi Pariksha by Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy.

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