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We now have a Global Presence.

We now have a global presence. What does this mean to you? You can now have your Nadi Pariksha appointment with us from any part of the world. Your first consultation at Nadichikitsa is of two kinds. Nadi Pariksha is an in-person appointment for pulse diagnosis (Bangalore only), and Doot Nadi Pariksha is an appointment for Remote Diagnosis. Click on a dot that represents your location and book your appointment.

Scores of people have heard of Nadi Pariksha, the Ayurvedic Science of Pulse Diagnosis. However, not many people have known Doot Nadi Pariksha. Doot Nadi Pariksha is an ancient Indian Science of Remote Diagnosis, which is mentioned in the Ayurvedic Texts.

An acclaimed Vaidya Satyadev Vasishth was an exponent in Nadi Pariksha and Doot Nadi Pariksha.

In 2013, Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy received an assignment from AYUSH and National Rural Health Mission to teach Nadi Pariksha to Government Ayurvedic Doctors. The outcome of this training left him with a rare gift. The gift of Doot Nadi Pariksha.

Dr Mahesh had been practising this science sporadically. During the COVID lockdown, his work helped several distressed people from various parts of the world with this ancient Indian science of remote diagnosis.

How does it happen?

The appointment begins with an online video call. Dr Mahesh will feel his pulse first and record his findings. Next, he will focus on the client’s brow centre (centre of your forehead) and continue to feel his pulse. Mahesh takes about 30 seconds to begin feeling your Nadi in his radial artery, and it takes about 15 minutes for him to do the diagnosis. After that, he will start sharing his evaluation with you.

He will give you the same depth of evaluation that he provides during an in-person Nadi Pariksha appointment.

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